nursing Scheduler Resume Samples

A nursing Scheduler is a staffing coordinator or nurse coordinator, who is responsible for scheduling employees to ensure sufficient coverage of staff for all shifts within the healthcare facility. A well-written nursing Scheduler Resume mentions the following core duties – coordinating and providing nursing staff coverage and ensuring that all shifts are staffed adequately; reviewing requests for paid time-off, vacation, maternity leave, family medical leave act, and unpaid leaves of absence, keeping meticulous attendance records and assisting with the progressive disciplinary process if staff members accrue excessive absences, communicating with unit managers and the director of nursing, and utilizing computer science to prepare, and update the master schedule.

The most sought-after skills for the post include the following – outstanding communication skills, solid interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with managers, supervisors, nursing assistants, techs, and other staff members. The ability to make last-minute changes is also crucial. A nursing degree is commonplace among job applicants.

nursing Scheduler Resume example