Cadet Pilot Cover Letter Example

Handling the flight steering, proficiency in checking routes, and flying high may be your cup of tea, but hiring managers are not just about to hand over this job until you prove yourself. You need to demonstrate that you are equipped with the right learning skillset from the get-go. And this starts with your cover letter. Our Cadet Pilot Cover Letter Samples show how organized, meticulous, and devoted the applicant is. Our sample cover letters will help you get your interview, and our expert tips at the end of this page will help you sail right through.

A Cadet Pilot is a Pilot under training – usually, a training course designed for a specific airline, known as a pilot cadetship scheme, or cadet program. The job description is the same as that of a normal pilot, just that a Cadet Pilot completes the cadet training to become a full-fledged Pilot.

Cadet Pilot Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Cadet Pilot Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Performing pre and post-flight inspections to ensure fuel level and navigational systems.
  • Operating the aircraft safely and maintaining a good degree of professionalism.
  • Monitoring weather conditions and communicating with air traffic control.
  • Liaising with co-pilots and flight crew throughout the flight.
  • Updating and reassuring passengers and crew in case of emergencies.
  • Determining the safest routes.
  • Keeping up to date with aircraft equipment and advancements.

Education & Skills

Cadet Pilot Skills:

  • Strong communication skills, and the ability to function under pressure.
  • Excellent leadership skills, situational awareness, and professionalism.
  • A relevant license and certification.

Cadet Pilot Education Requirements:

  • Graduation from secondary school with majors in English and Mathematics or science languages.
  • Physical fitness.
  • The ability to meet our flight deck reach requirements.

Cadet Pilot Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Hiring Manager,

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the position of Cadet Pilot at ***. As a highly experienced and passionate professional believe I can exceed your expectations and excel as a cadet pilot for your airlines.

During my tenure at ***, I proved to be a resourceful employee. I have worked on various aspects of the airline, such as cabin crew, monitoring and generating flight reports, etc.
I take this opportunity to highlight some of my core skills:

  • I have a valid passport, which lets me live in ***** and travel worldwide unrestricted.
  • Educational degree in aeronautical engineering with good intern experience in ***** airlines.
  • Previous work expertise in **** airlines where I was responsible for various airline-related tasks.
  • Have cleared ***** simulation examination and was certified as *****
  • Valid driving license and certification to fly **** provided via ****
  • Qualified to obtain FAA First Class Medical.
  • Have spent **** hours on flight simulation.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • I have strong judgment and decision-making skills.
  • I am known to be calm in high-pressure situations and stoic and practical in decision-making.
  • I have the discipline and commitment required to be a cadet pilot.

With my educational background and acquired skill set in the airline industry, I am confident that I will provide the best of my services to your firm and contribute significantly to its growth. I look forward to hearing more about *** and having an opportunity to be the Cadet Pilot for your airlines.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]


If you are looking to put your professionally written Cadet Pilot Covering letter in support of your application for a flight crew position for an airline, ensure that you are familiar with what to include and how to structure it. Our guide and tips are written by professional writers who have extensive experience in screening initial applications, such as CV and cover letters, and running pilot selection processes.

Look at the details of the job description, and know what topics and qualifications the hiring employer wants from you. You can ask about your career aspiration such as your interest in the training department.

For Resume help, refer to our Cadet Pilot Resume Samples!



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