Cover Letter Closing Salutations

Cover Letter Closing Salutations

To amateur writers, closing a cover letter for job application is just another formality, but in fact, a good closing sentence is inevitable to win your dream job. The cover letter is an important letter that introduces your application to the recruiter. It is necessary to close a cover letter with positivity and good spirit, as your way of closing the business letter helps the hiring manager evaluate your characteristics as a candidate, better.

How to Close your Cover Letter

Writing a good ending paragraph, phrase or sentence is necessary to invoke positivity, warmth, and response at the hiring desk. It is easy to sign off when you’re emailing the recruiter, but closing salutation for a cover letter must be chosen based on a series of technical cues.

As no hiring manager wants to employ ungrateful employees, it is best to show your gratitude and thankfulness towards the reader in the final paragraph of your cover letter. The motive of the cover letter salutation is to emphasize your interest in response from the recruiter. Spanning from when you will reach out for an update to your availability or mode of interview, there are many technical terminologies to make your cover letter closing sentence sound substantial, important and vital to the resume.

Example on How to Close the Cover Letter

You must end your cover letter closing sentence with a comma, begin the next line with your name and continue with your online or offline contact information.

Mention Name Here
Mention Email Address Here
Mention LinkedIn Profile Link
Mention Personal Phone/ Mobile Number

Cover Letter Closing Salutations

Based on your intimacy or connection with the hiring manager and the company, you must pick a fitting salutation that uplifts your candidacy. Moreover, candidates must not sacrifice professionalism with an extremely-informal salutation in a business or employment cover letter.

· Simple Salutations

Ideal Cover Letter Salutation to use in any employment-related email or correspondence letter; simple salutations are not aggressive or assertive.


  1. Sincerely
  2. Truly
  3. Respectfully
  4. Thank You
  5. Regards

· Professional Salutations

A notch above the simple, cover letter closing salutations must be formal and positive. Professional closing salutations are beneficial for candidates drafting a cover letter to a business or hiring manager they’ve never conversed or met with.

  1. Best
  2. Faithfully
  3. Truly
  4. Sincere Thanks
  5. Thank You for your Consideration

· Latest Closing Examples

As job seeking is an extremely competitive race, it is best to research and find the best closing sentences for your cover letter to win the job. Based on diverse cover letter closing examples available, we have comprised the five best phrases that help to close your resume cover letter in an innovative, modern and enticing way.

  1. In appreciation
  2. Many Thanks
  3. Your Help is Cordially Obliged
  4. With Gratitude
  5. Thank you for your time

· Personalized Salutations

Keeping the cover letter short, sweet and warm is often met with a positive response. The following cover letter closing salutations are best for candidates who are acquainted with the hiring manager or employer prior to the interview.

  1. Warmly
  2. With Best Regards
  3. Yours Sincerely
  4. Yours Respectfully
  5. With Sincere Thanks

· Salutations to Support Intimate Connection with the Hiring Desk

What if you know the employer or business too well? Then, you must use appropriate and semi-formal salutations that prove your interest and overwhelming positivity towards the interview. If you’re well connected with the hiring committee or recruiter, pick one amongst the five closing salutations fit for your cover letter, from the following list.

  1. Fond Regards
  2. Warmly yours
  3. Kindest Wishes
  4. Cordially Yours
  5. Yours Faithfully

Salutations not to Use in a Cover Letter

It is important to use fitting salutations based on how well you know the recruiter. Regardless of your intimacy or connection with the hiring manager, closing salutations must not be too informal or personal in a business resume cover letter.

Salutations never to use in Employment/Resume Cover Letter are:

  1. Yours
  2. Love/ Lovingly
  3. Always Waiting
  4. Cheers
  5. Affectionately
  6. Take it Easy
  7. Smiles
  8. Take Care
  9. Abbreviation/ Slangs
  10. XOXO/ Emoticon/ Emojis

Tips for Using Closing Salutations in a Cover Letter

Candidates must research based on diverse cover letter samples to draft an error-free cover letter that adds value to your candidature. It is better to invest your time, energy and intelligence into writing the best cover letter when you’ve decided to write any cover letter on your own.

We have compiled the best technical tips to upgrade your cover letter and write a winning closing salutation that impresses the hiring manager right away!

1. Examples of Positive Closing Sentences

  1. I will put my maximum best of work if I am offered this position to help ABC Company Succeed Higher
  2. I am excited to know more about the offer and share the exceptional qualifications that make me a fitting candidate.
  3. I believe in the competent offers BCA Computing Offers its Staff and Aspire to grow my Passion in Computing with the Opportunity.
  4. It would be my honor to meet and discuss how profitable my qualifications can prove to your company.
  5. I will call/Email next Monday to follow up on my Job Application and Schedule an Interview.

2. Structuring and Formatting

For the hard copy of a resume cover letter, it is important to leave four lines empty after the closing salutation for the legibility of the signature. For an email copy, it is best to leave at least one sentence blank after your closing clause before adding the signature for keeping the cover letter neat and tidy.

3. Placing the Signature

Placed beneath the closing sentence in a cover letter, candidates must physically sign the cover letter, in case the same is a printed copy. For digital copies, it is important to type your name with designation and contact information beneath the closing salutation in your resume cover letter.

What we Recommend

It is best to restrict your cover letter to a formal or professional format to avoid being rejected on grounds of misunderstanding with an informal cover letter salutation. Yet another bonus tip is that candidates must be assertive in a cover letter closing paragraph, then aggressive or generic to win the job.

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