Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example

An Elementary Teacher is responsible for creating a positive learning environment and educating classes from k-5 on different subjects such as science, maths, and literature. He is also responsible for cultivating desirable skills in the students through group activities.

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Elementary Teacher Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Elementary Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The main duties of an Elementary Teacher include creating lesson plans and academic curriculum, educating students, organizing classrooms, providing homework and assignments, conducting activities, monitoring the progress of the students, and updating the progress to their parents.

  • Implementing district-adopted curriculum.
  • Preparing for assigned classes and providing lessons at designated times.
  • Integrating suitable use of technology.
  • Administering tests following district testing protocol and providing progress reports.
  • Determining and supporting standards of classroom behavior, and upholding district-adopted discipline policies.
  • Planning and supervising assignments and activities for student teachers, teacher assistants, and volunteers as required.

Education & Skills

Elementary Teacher skills:

  • Relevant subject knowledge.
  • Patience and perseverance.
  • Must have the ability to control students.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Organizational skills.

Elementary Teacher Educational Qualification:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in teaching or any relevant field of study.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Kindly accept my application for the position of Elementary teacher vacant in [XXX School]. With my three years of experience in the teaching field coupled with my commitment to work, I believe that I would significantly benefit your school.

[XXX School] has earned a reputation for cultivating positive skills among students at an early age. Your school’s approach to providing a holistic educational program is the hallmark feature of your school. I would be glad to join your school and share your vision of educating young minds.

I have been working as an Elementary Teacher at [YYY School] for the past three years. During my tenure of three years, I have handled different grades from K-5. I was awarded the Favorite Teacher award for two straight years based on voting from students. I am tasked with the following duties:

  • Develop academic curriculums for different grades.
  • Evaluate the performance of students by conducting tests.
  • Identifying unique traits and skill sets of students and nurture them.
  • Organize group activities and field trips.
  • Provide special attention to students who have difficulty studying.
  • Update parents on the progress of their children and how they can support them at home.

I am adept at understanding the skillset of students and guide them on the appropriate path. Furthermore, I am patient and give special focus to under-performing students to help them overcome their academic obstacles. I would be glad to continue my career in educating young minds by joining your school.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


An effective Elementary Teacher Cover Letter should reveal your passion for teaching and expertise in your field of study. Highlight your educational qualification, academic achievements, and your research activities related to the field of study. Increase your chances of getting hired by creating an impressive resume using our Elementary Teacher Resume Sample.



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