Gym Teacher Cover Letter Example

A Gym Teacher works for a private or government school and undertakes the responsibility for teaching physical education to students – mainly middle school students and high school students. To become successful in this role, the applicant should be able to create a fun, and entertaining gym regime, and use their communication skills to motivate students.

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Gym Teacher Cover Letter example

Gym Teachers undertake the responsibility for delivering and instructing students on physical education, and health. The job description includes preparing, organizing, and delivering lessons to middle-class and high-school children. Other core duties are listed as – planning and implementing activities and helping students reach their fullest physical goals, monitoring student’s progress in physical education, helping students improve their performance; using the latest technology and managing their programs and measuring performance, preparing and administering evaluations, and guiding students.

What to Include in a Gym Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Designing and preparing physical education and health program sessions based on the student’s age criteria.
  • Organizing and instructing students in activities, and proper usage of equipment, and sports.
  • Guiding students in developing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Motivating and guiding students in physical activities, and outdoor activities.
  • Monitoring student’s performance and providing feedback and suggesting ways for improvement.
  • Evaluating students’ performance and maintaining records.
  • Participating in faculty meetings, and parent-teacher meetings.
  • Assisting in the development and execution of health and fitness programs.

Education & Skills

Gym Teacher Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of health, nutrition, and physical fitness.
  • Leadership skills and the ability to problem-solve.
  • Organizational and planning skills.
  • Outgoing and motivated approach.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to motivate and encourage students in the proper use of equipment.
  • CPR and First Aid skills.

Gym Teacher Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma with a degree in Physical education or exercise science.
  • CPR and First Aid Certification.
  • Prior work experience and license to work.

Gym Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I’m writing to express my strong interest in the Gym Teacher position at (School Name), as advertised on (Job advertisement). With my passion for physical education, my passion for fostering a healthy and active life in individuals, and my track record of success in motivating and instructing young students, I’m confident that I’m an excellent fit for your academy’s Gym program.

Over the past 5 years, I have had the privilege of teaching physical education and gym classes to students ranging from 4th class to 12th class. My commitment to promoting fitness among students goes beyond just the practical classes in the classroom. I strive to produce a positive and outgoing literacy that encourages students to explore well-being and physical strength eventually, build confidence, and develop lifelong healthy habits.

Some of the core strengths and qualifications that make me an ideal fit are –

  • I have a deep understanding of Gym and physical education class development, and fitness assessment tools.
  • Well aware-of designing age-appropriate assignment plans that fit the different age groups of students.
  • I strive to making gym class fun and engaging to grab the attention of the students, and make it proactive.
  • I have incorporated games, and conditioning classes and made my tutoring style different from other teachers.
  • My current session at () helped me bring increased participation and enthusiasm among my students.
  • Safety is crucial in gym class, and I am a certified CPR and First Aid professional. And I am fully aware when it comes to providing a safe and secure environment for my students.
  • I strongly emphasize the overall well-being and encourage students to make healthy choices.

I am committed to improving the institution’s Gym Program and fostering a culture of sportsmanship and competitiveness. I am eager about the chance to contribute to the Academic and physical education development of the students at (School Name).

Your institution’s reputation for excellence along with your impeccable service to keep your students active and healthy, makes me eager to join your team soon. Enclosed is my resume which details my educational background and professional experience. Thank you for considering my resume. I look forward to the possibility of joining your school and helping your students grow, both educationally and physically.

[Your Name]


  • Mention your work experience mainly in the academic sector of health education.
  • Mention your passion for working with students.
  • State your certification and license details.
  • Explain why you are interested in applying and how you can contribute to the betterment of student’s overall well-being.

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