Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Example

Law Enforcement Officers protect the health and safety of the community and attempt to prevent crimes. The job duties range from patrolling regular routes, looking for lawbreakers, responding to emergencies, and searching for bombs in case of bomb alerts.

Even Law Enforcement Officers are obliged to attach a professional cover letter as a part of the job application process. Only a well-written cover letter will prove the candidate’s fit for this position. Our Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Samples list the applicant’s courses and experience he/she has gleaned in preparing to become a law enforcement officer. Check for our samples below and modify them based on your background profile.

Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter example

In many countries, the Law Enforcement Officer is also called a Cop or a Police Officer, detective, sheriff, or state trooper. These protectors irrespective of their job title in common undertake the most crucial task of protecting the public, property, and country by enforcing law and order. Other areas of accountabilities include – investigating crimes, dealing with case paperwork, coordinating with emergency services, and providing evidence in court.

What to Include in a Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Deterring crimes and protecting the community through strong policing.
  • Patrolling assigned areas and monitoring activities.
  • Protecting people and property.
  • Observing and responding to emergencies or threat calls.
  • Conducting initial investigations.
  • Gathering evidence and ensuring successful prosecutions.
  • Producing internal reports and providing feedback.
  • Dealing with case paperwork.
  • Coordinating operations with emergency service departments.
  • Providing evidence in the court.
  • Fostering a good relationship with the public and community.

Education & Skills

Law Enforcement Officer Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of standard operating procedures, judicial procedures, and civil/constitutional laws.
  • Working experience in conducting interrogations and scene management.
  • Knowledge and skills of law enforcement and practices.
  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in using police equipment.
  • Knowledge and skills in conducting extensive medical, and criminal background checks.

Law Enforcement Officer Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, or police science.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Proven work experience in law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

As a former Sheriff and police officer with 15+ years on the force, I was thrilled to see your Law Enforcement Officer role opening on ****. The **** (department name) is valued for its loyalty, fairness, and integrity, and has always been known for maintaining trust and confidence among the public. On speaking with one of your officers ****, I came to know that you are seeking a disciplined leader with exemplary coaching skills. You can see me in this, and you will be happy to know that I am also strictly focused on eradicating crime reduction, if not lowering the turnover heavily.

While heading the *** – a busy urban department, I was charged with the duty of leading 20 officers. I devised and followed the “People Priority” program and this resulted in a 35% turnover cut, enabling me to preside over a 20% reduction in crimes while facilitating a 54% faster response time to emergency calls. Within three years of my joining, I was promoted to Sergeant role for my efficiency in solving conflicts, and my ability to reduce local crime rates.

As a United States Citizen equipped with a powerful background of practiced law enforcement, crime investigation, and strong international background, I feel that my service would significantly benefit ***, and help your team with high levels of pride, professionalism, and commitment.

Please review the enclosed resume and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for considering my candidature.

[Your Name]


You spend major of your time waiting for crime to happen, and the rest of the time you deal with the crazies, so obvious reasons you may not be aware of what to include in your cover letter. To prove your policing skills, you have to prove your letter-writing skills first. Take our help and do that easily –

  • Mention your skills and achievements in your second and third paragraphs – pick the most important ones, and also add some numbers to show that your policing skills are ****-level.
  • Write some ways on how you can help the department with your unique skills and experience.
  • State your ability to stay calm under pressure, and yet act wisely.
  • Show your passion for law enforcement.
  • Show how you’ve aced the job description by listing the things that are posted on the job requirements.

Our cover letter sample walked you through the thin blue line, but don’t skimp on your resume. See our Law Enforcement Officer Resume Samples here!



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