Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter Example

Getting a Mathematics Teacher job can be overwhelming, and you may also wonder how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. When you are applying for this job, you should emphasize not only your knowledge of the subject but also your understanding of what it means to be a teacher. You should express your educational philosophy and give the principal a window into what makes you a special candidate, and this has to be done using your cover letter.

Our Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter Samples can be used to apply for this job as a Mathematics Teacher. If you want to modify this letter, you can easily add or edit the details with yours, and convince the hiring employer to hire you. Mathematics Teachers present mathematical concepts to students based on curricula. They instruct the students and help them prepare for examinations and get maximum scores. Typical duties associated with the role include preparing lesson plans, assigning homework, keeping in touch with parents, helping students prepare for college-entry exams, and grading tests.

Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Preparing mathematics lesson plans based on the grade levels.
  • Explaining mathematical concepts in an understandable manner.
  • Developing students’ interest in mathematics.
  • Planning and creating teaching materials.
  • Correcting the test papers and grading them.
  • Facilitating classroom discussions on various topics.
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences.
  • Providing additional teaching support for slow learners.
  • Building a strong relationship with the students.
  • Collaborating with the teachers and other members of the school.

Education & Skills

Mathematics Teacher Skills:

  • Excellent working experience in classroom teaching and management.
  • Knowledge of mathematical formulas and concepts.
  • A strong understanding of using various teaching and learning aids.
  • A positive attitude and presentable appearance.
  • The ability to maintain utmost discipline in the classroom.
  • The ability to manage time effectively.
  • Strong work ethic.

Mathematics Teacher Education Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Mathematical studies.
  • Teaching qualifications.
  • Training and apprenticeship in mathematics.

Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I submit my resume and write this letter in response to your job advertisement seeking an experienced Mathematics Teacher for ***. With my extensive background in mathematical studies, along with my strong abilities in handling high school students, and college students, I assume that my experience and capability to educate the youth will significantly benefit your school as I take up this role.

Below are my current responsibilities as a Mathematics Teacher at **** –

  • Drafting lesson plans, conducting a needs assessment, and visually engaging education techniques.
  • Creating targeted lesson plans to achieve curriculum requirement.
  • Facilitating a personalized approach to education while stimulating student’s involvement in the subject.
  • Earned “Best Teacher Award” continuously for five years from *** to ***.
  • Approachable mannerism makes students approach me without hesitation and fear
    Mathematics and Physical science teaching certification.
  • Outstanding leadership, patience, and time management abilities.
  • Increased student’s pass percentage in the subject by almost 75% within one year of my joining.

I am a skilled and result-driven mathematics teacher who loves to see students learn and grow. My experience and credentials, along with my ability to deliver the highest standard of learning among students at your school would certainly exceed your expectations for this role. Please contact me at () to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


If you want to get this job, you should show your talent and professionalism in your cover letter. To show you as the best candidate for this role, we have created some tips that can make your Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter eye-catchy-

  • Focus on your ability to develop critical thinking skills among students and how you can improve their mathematics and logical principles.
  • A big plus would be to highlight some of your past achievements, for instance, you can state how you improved your class performance in mathematics.
  • Be well-versed in the art of teaching, and show your specialism in developing curriculum and study guides.

We also aim to provide you with a creative resume as well. Skim through our Mathematics Teacher Resume Samples to know more.



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