Military Officer Cover Letter Example

Your Cover Letter – referred to as the Resume Covering Letter, is a document that gives the first impression about you to the employer. It is therefore one of the most vital aspects of your Resume. Research states that hiring employers prefer resumes with an accompanying cover letter. Our Well-written Military Officer Cover Letter sample gives you a chance to show the reader that you are valuable, enthusiastic, can write, and will be a unique candidate for this role.

The duty of Military Officers varies based on their rank, but the major task or accountability for this role is to excel both physically and mentally based on the situation they are put up in. Some common duties associated with the job role include – developing and teaching leadership curriculum to future army officers, participating in forecasting, budgeting, resource distribution, and manpower allocation.

Military Officer Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Military Officer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Planning maneuvers, allocating tasks and communicating effectively with other staff.
  • Commanding, training, and leading others.
  • Operating and maintaining warfare systems, equipment, and vehicles.
  • Monitoring the welfare and progress of new recruits.
  • Taking on duties and skills such as air traffic control, training, administration, and engineering.
  • Distributing equipment, manpower, and resources.
  • Producing briefings, presentations, and reports.

Education & Skills

Military Officer Skills:

  • The ability to look for people who can work calmly and in high-pressure situations.
  • The ability to communicate concisely and clearly.
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills.
  • A high level of physical fitness and good eyesight.
  • Determination, courage, discipline, and self-motivation.
  • A demonstrable commitment to the forces.

Military Officer Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any engineering field.
  • Training in the field for 44 weeks.

Military Officer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Having come across the opening for Military Officers in our country, I hastened to write this letter and submit my enclosed resume. A career in the Military Office has always been my dream ever since I was a child. I know that being a soldier is a challenging career and I have known for some time that joining the military was for me, and now I want to use this opportunity. I am ready to take up this profession, as I am hardworking and self-motivated. Not just that, I am also well-positioned to accomplish any goals, and the credit goes to my great physical strength and mental agility that makes me eligible and qualify for basic combat training.

My background includes being a law enforcement officer with more than 3 years of experience in conflict resolution, and professional patrol. I think my professional experience and my physical background are a perfect skill set that is presently needed by the Department. On this note, I request you to kindly consider my further qualifications –

  • Demonstrating unparalleled commitment and dedication to providing security management, developing and implementing protection and security policies and procedures.
  • The ability to be a leader, whom others respect and look up for guidance.
  • Strong motivational skills to push and inspire others to do their best even when things are challenging or difficult.
  • A strong and composed attitude regardless of how tough the situation is
  • Confidence and assuring personality.
  • Experience in handling paperwork relating to the industry.
  • Certified yoga and meditation practitioner.

Apart from having previous management training, I am skillful in writing reports, and recording information and fluent in a variety of computer programs. I am equipped with problem-solving skills, and it is eminent that this skill of mine would be useful to work in this type of environment.

Furthermore, I have completed officer school and received sufficient training that is needed to qualify for this position. My ability to respond quickly in stressful situations, along with my physical stamina makes me ready to fill this role. Kindly have a look at my resume detailing my training, skills, and experience. I am available for a call on all days and you can reach me by calling (). I look forward to meeting with you in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


Our lives are dependent on law enforcement and the military, it often determines chaos or order. And this job is considered noble as the officers perform their jobs diligently. So, if you want to work in the military or law enforcement, you have to write an impressive cover letter. If you want your potential employer to say- “This candidate is the best”, then you have to show that only through your cover letter. Read on the following to learn how to write a one-

  • Make sure to follow a proper cover letter headline with a concise title statement to grab the hiring manager’s attention.
  • While creating a headline make sure you include compelling trigger words or numbers, and potent adjectives or verbs relevant to the position
  • Show your employer that you have made thorough research about the agency, or department through a personalized greeting.
  • Highlight your value as a military or law enforcement officer.
  • Conclude your application with a cheerful and solid final statement.

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