Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter Example

A Private Practice Therapist provides therapeutic interventions to adults, and children in a private clinic or private setting. The professional provides support to people who are facing mental health issues. To ensure success in this field, the person should be patient, compassionate, and have good listening skills.

A cover letter presents your interest in the specific job role and the company. It provides you with an exciting opportunity to emphasize your industry-relevant skillsets and career background for the available position, along with short-term and long-term professional goals. Your Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter must bring forth your adeptness in diagnosing and treating patients with mental disorders and emotional trauma. We have shared below a Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter Sample which will aid you to understand the composition of a well-crafted cover letter.

Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter example

The main role of a Private Practice Therapist is to work with patients suffering from mental disorders or cognitive or emotional issues. These professionals diagnose, counsel, and treat patients suffering from emotional breakdowns, mental disorders, and psychological distress. They organize campaigns, and events and inculcate knowledge about mental well-being among people.

What to Include in a Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Establishing positive, trusting rapport with patients.
  • Diagnosing and treating mental health disorders.
  • Creating customized treatment plans as per the patient’s needs and circumstances.
  • Meeting patients and providing counseling, and treatment.
  • Adjusting treatment plans.
  • Conducting ongoing assessments to ensure patient stability.
  • Referring patients to outside specialists if needed.
  • Maintaining a detailed record of patient meetings.
  • Following all safety protocols and maintaining client confidentiality.
  • Advising family members about the patient’s status when appropriate.

Education & Skills

Private Practice Therapist Skills:

  • Empathy towards patients.
  • Strong listening and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to keep patient information confidential.
  • The ability to build a strong rapport with patients.
  • Strong ability to manage time.
  • Detail-oriented nature.
  • Strong experience in implementing counseling treatment plans and procedures.

Private Practice Therapist Education Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology or social work.
  • Clinical experience.
  • Current with relevant licensing requirements of the state.

Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

Upon learning about the job vacancy for the position of Private Practice Therapist at ***, I am keen to put forth my candidacy for the same. My 10 + years of experience in treating patients, strong academic background, and role-specific skills have positioned me well for surpassing your expectations from the role.

I have earned my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and have been providing counseling services to children, couples, families, and adolescents. I am passionate about helping people and helping them overcome their deadliest or most challenging situations and supporting them till they make their lives happier and healthier. My proven track record of success includes my significant contribution to the NGO students at **** who were all affected by some or other mental disorders. With continuous counseling and therapy sessions, I have made more than 25 students from that group reach great heights today.

On this note, I would like to present to you some of the core responsibilities that make me worth this role-

  • Examining the patients with the utmost care, assessing and diagnosing their issues through continuous and consistent counseling and hearing sessions, and developing customized treatment plans based on each individual’s needs and mental state.
  • Superior communication skills enabling me to interact with people coming from different walks of life, and this led to more than 75% success in making patients open up and speak their views out within one/two sittings.
  • Observing the treatment plans, and the changes it brings in the patient, and changing the plans based on the behavioral patterns and thought process.
  • Ensuring speedy recovery of patients, while concentrating and adhering to medical norms and policies.
  • Maintaining a high level of discretion when it comes to the confidentiality of patient details.
  • Participating in ongoing learning sessions, by actively attending conferences, and seminars and conducting mental awareness programs in educational institutions, and corporate offices.

Throughout my professional career, I have developed my skillset in diagnosing, devising, and implementing therapy strategies, and gained incredible counseling and collaborative approach. I trust my approach to treat patients would make me a significant contributor. I would appreciate the chance to discuss my skillset and fitness for the position in our next meeting.

[Your Name]


Drafting a succinct and brief cover letter would grab the potential recruiting manager’s attention. When you are writing a cover letter for this role, ensure that the document contains job-specific qualifications, experience, and skills. Accommodate skills such as – knowledge of psychology, the ability to make customized treatment plans, and your strong listening and communication skills.

With our Private Practice Therapist Cover Letter Sample, you would be able to compose a riveting and compelling resume for the role.



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