Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Example

If you applying for the Teacher Assistant position, it is important to go as per the job listing. Most hiring employers these days necessitate a cover letter along with a resume. Spend some time before you start writing your cover letter. This document of yours should highlight your qualifications that are closely mentioned in the job description. Besides, summarize your experience, and teaching skills as well.

Get more insight on how to write an attention-catching cover letter, what to include in the cover letter, how to format it, and tips for writing the cover letter. Plus, take a look at our Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Samples that is free to download.

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter example

A Teacher Assistant is a professional who teaches students various subjects and ensures they grasp the contents during the instructional time. The job description entails supervising students and assisting the main teacher in maintaining records, and student databases, evaluating answer sheets and submitting lesson plans.

What to Include in a Teacher Assistant Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Helping teachers in preparing lesson plans.
  • Make sure the classrooms are safe and tidy before the classes begin.
  • Setting up necessary material for classes such as chemistry sets, projectors, lab equipment, etc.
  • Tracking student attendance and class schedules.
  • Reviewing material taught in class with individual students with learning challenges.
  • Working with smaller groups of students for remedial teaching or reinforcing the learning process.
  • Escorting and supervising students in school activities.
  • Accompanying the school student’s group during field trips.
  • Assisting teachers with grading assignments, and informing parents on their child’s progress.

Education & Skills

Teacher Assistant Skills:

  • Familiarity with school administrative tasks and learning methods.
  • Cool-tempered and positive attitude.
  • Firm yet kindly personality.
  • Love for teaching.
  • The ability to maintain a relationship with students, co-teachers, and parents.
  • Great communication skills.
  • One or two subject knowledge.

Teacher Assistant Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in area of teaching.
  • Prior teaching assistant experience.

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I am writing you this letter about the job placement you have made for the Teacher Assistant position at your school. I am delighted to submit my resume herewith as my 7plus years of classroom, management, top-notch communication skills, recreational Activities, Teaching Language Skills, and the motivation required to thrive in this role can advance ABC School to new heights.

I feel at ease working both individually and with a group. I strongly prioritize critical thinking and creativity, skills that I encourage with my assignments and lesson plans, and take pride in customizing everything that I create to the unique requirements of each classroom. To create a curriculum that caters to the requirements of students, I have collaborated with teachers from both elementary and middle schools as well as camp directors. I was recognized for my dedication and support in 2018.

A quick look into my highlighting qualifications-

  • Daily supervision of large classes of elementary pupils (between 30 and 40), including full class instruction on days when the teacher wasn’t present.
  • I mentored and inspired challenging students, working one-on-one with a few who had serious behavioral issues, and I helped them improve their grades by an average of a full letter grade.
  • Contributed to the construction of a variety of entertaining teaching materials totaling hundreds of pages, such as daily lesson plans, regular quizzes and assessments, roleplays, and classroom games.

I believe my 7 plus years of experience will meet your requirements for the position of Teacher Assistant. I would be a great asset to your team. I’ll do everything it takes to support your teachers in fostering a learning environment where each class is unique and every student has the opportunity to succeed.

I would be delighted to discuss further with you in the weeks to come about the position in your esteemed organization. I would be happy to provide any extra information you might need. Please feel free to contact me. I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter.

[Your Name]


Now that you have decided to write your cover letter for the Teacher Assistant role, have a look at our key takeaways –

  • Use the cover letter to create that first best impression with your hiring manager, and one best way to do so is to describe your background and skills that closely match the hiring company’s requirements.
  • Format correctly – The cover letter should include your full contact details, appropriate salutations, an intro paragraph, second para that not only outlines your qualifications but also sells it; and a closing note thanking the reader for his/her time
  • Proofread the cover letter before submission – your cover letter is going to be read by the School Principal, or a professional HR, so it would not give a good impression if your document has grammatical errors, typos, or misspellings.

You can also use our Teacher Assistant Resume Samples as a model to create your Resume!



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