11 Top Skills to List on your Resume

11 Top Skills to List on your Resume

Are you a fresh graduate looking to set up a good impression and guarantee an interview call for your very first job? Or Have you been in the market for a while but unable to end up with a good job? Well, we have compiled a list of skills that, if you have or you learn and include in your resume, can help you make a lasting impression on the hiring manager:

Skills to Include on your Resume

1. Honesty and Core Values :

Your core values and principles define who you are as a person. Companies seek out individuals who are committed, dedicated and have a sense of honesty, integrity, and secrecy. If you hold these values close and in high regard, make sure to highlight them on your resume. This will help the potential employer make a good judgment about your character as a person. Remember, a hiring manager will not only judge you based on the skills you acquire but also through your interpersonal skills. Include such skills as the soft skills or in your objective so that they stand out in the first read.

2. Flexibility :

Another important skill that companies expect their potential employees to have is adaptability to the environment. If you are ready to learn new technologies, adapt to changes and open to new ideas, then you are adaptable and also lucky because companies praise this trait. Also, what falls under this skill is being flexible. This refers to the ability to work in different setups and with various teams where you can take on various roles either as a leader or a team player.

3. Planned and Organized :

Being organized and having a clear, well-defined path to follow for any task is a trait that can give you an edge. If this skill resonates with you, then you are lucky because every employer expects his employees to be organized. Being cluttered and messy is usually frowned upon in most formal settings. So if you are applying in a well reputed, multinational firm, your hiring may even depend upon how organized is your method of dealing with tasks at hand.

4. Good Communication Skills :

It is a good trait to be able to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions not just on a personal level, but also on a professional front where you need to convince people to turn your ideas into practicality and make them agree to your standpoint. So, if you are good in communications, ensure to mention this skill either in objective or soft skills section, accompanied with examples of where you exhibited this skill. For instance, any awards won in a public speaking event or debates are a good way to exhibit your communication skills.

5. Positivity :

Positivity is a major contributor to your selection as an employee or even striking a good interview. If you are always sulking around or constantly losing motivation or are unable to keep the spirit high, then you lack positivity which can ultimately impact your productivity. So, if you are energetic and enthusiastic about learning and gaining good experience, make sure you mention that in your resume.

6. Open to Learning :

A trait that companies admire is an individual’s openness and willingness to learn. This skill is not just for computer related people who have to stay updated with the latest technologies but applies to everyone. Your openness to learning new things be it software, doing a new course or attending a workshop, matters a lot and will always leave you in the good books of the employers.

7. Leadership :

It is said, “Leaders are born, not made” and how true is that! If you have the ability to lead a team, then congratulations! Companies are always in search of people with a leadership skill. Your leadership skills define who you are as a person.Therefore, your perspective of your goals, willingness to fulfill them and your ability to encourage your team to complete the task is what makes you a good leader and a good candidate for the job you are applying for. So make sure you emphasize on your leadership skills by mentioning examples where you exhibited this skill, for instance, acted as a team lead for a project, etc.

8. Open to Diversity :

If you are applying for a multinational company, chances are your team will comprise of people from different backgrounds, religions, and races. Therefore, it is essential for you to have the sensitivity to diversity and acceptance of cultural diversity. Including this skill is a plus point and will earn you theright place on the employer’s list of potential candidates.

9. Reliable and Responsible :

As a potential employee of any company, it is expected of you to be responsible for your tasks. Be reliable enough to be expected to complete tasks and handle confidential information handed to you. So make sure if you are applying for a job and need to add up a cover letter, include examples presenting yourself as a reliable and a responsible person.

10. Analytical Sense :

If you can read between the lines and make inferences about situations with details that are subtle, then make sure you include this skill in your resume. In more technical jobs like that of a statistician or a researcher, you are expected to have excellent analytical and logical skills to fetch the information from the available data. However, this ability is not limited to particular job posts but is an appreciated trait overall.

11. Team Player :

As much as a skill of being a good leader is appreciated, being a team player is just as necessary. This means recognizing the ideas and suggestions of your fellow team members and being held accountable for the commitments you make as a team player. Companies expect their employees to be good team players and be able to work together to figure out interactive and creative solutions to problems.

Conclusive Note

As a conclusive note, we would like to highlight the fact that as much as all these skills are necessary to have at this age, you are supposed to be good with the technical side of the job as well. These skills only compliment your professional skill set and make you a better choice for the employers and not earn you a spot based on them solely. So make sure you are a combination of both and the most attractive choice for companies by adding these skills to your resume.

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