How to Choose a Perfect Font Size for Your Resume

How to Choose a Perfect Font Size for Your Resume

Do employers care about the font size on a resume, as long as the candidate qualifies? YES! Hiring managers scan hundreds of resumes every day to find candidates with personality, dedication and organizational skill that fits the organization. If your resume does not read well or highlight your skills clearly, there are high chances that the hiring manager may not see your candidacy as relevant! As a rule of thumbs, your choice of resume font size decides the readability and comfort of reading the document.

Choose the Best Font Size that fits your resume?

A professional resume with a haphazard choice of fonts or erratic font sizing throughout the CV is a proof of poor candidacy. To format your font to a size that is readable to the hiring manager, you must scan through Best Resume Fonts and pick a font that fits the length and content of your resume.
Proper use of font sizes in a resume is for

  • Enhanced Readability
    Good font size choices in a resume differentiate headers and content matter of your CV according to its degree of importance and make reading effortless. By using the 12-point font for the content and 14-point for the headers, you project a resume with orderly font sizes.
  • Compatible with Multiple Screens
    It is necessary to choose a resume font size that lets the reader view your document on any electronic device including mobiles and computers. You can experiment with different fonts on your resume to check the clarity on different screens.
  • Comfortable for Diverse Readers
    Yet another important reason to choose an ideal font in your resume is to ease the reading ability of the resume screener, regardless of age and vision.

How to Choose a Perfect Font Size for Your Resume

Ideal font size in your resume is decided by your qualification and length of the resume. As your motive of picking the right font size in a resume is to make the content readable, it is best to start with a font choice first.

Candidates applying for non-artistic or designer job applications must use sans serif or non-fancy fonts that make readability easier.

Ideally, the 12-point font size for resumes is one that fits most sans-serif fonts in a profile, while 14-point font size fits serif fonts in a resume. Remember that your ultimate motive is to state your resume content clearly and you must experiment with multiple fonts to find the one that does not make the screen or reader squint.

To finalize on a font that fits your resume, you must open a blank document and experiment with multiple font choices and sizes to review your resume readability. If you’re sending a job application online, it is best to send it in a sans serif font at 12-point font size as surveys prove it as the best font choice and size for official resumes.


If you’re striving hard to condense your resume to fit one or two pages, it is best to use margin, space and formatting tricks to make your writing lucid on the resume. After thorough evaluations and assessments, 12-point sans-serif fonts are the best choice of font size in a professional resume.

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