Armed Security Officer Cover Letter Example

An Armed Security Officer is well-trained and licensed to carry weapons and use them at their assigned place or location when there is an extreme necessity or threat to the life of people. Armed security officers should be able to exercise discretion when they use weapons.

Armed Security Guards are continually in high demand due to their ability to protect people and property. However, employers only want to hire qualified Armed Security Officers they can trust. Even if you’re an experienced person, having several years of experience, you have to write a convincing, and appealing cover letter that wins employers over to land an interview. For help writing a great cover letter, refer to our below-mentioned Armed Security Officer Cover Letter Sample and check out our winning writing tips also.

Armed Security Officer Cover Letter example

Armed Security Officers protect people and property by monitoring and patrolling the assigned areas. They look for suspicious activities, respond to emergencies, and protect the assigned location, property, and people. These people are experienced in handling arms and weapons and often act as first responders during emergencies, and deal with potentially dangerous situations. The job description also includes controlling entry to the premises using security devices and reporting suspicious activities to the supervisors.

What to Include in a Armed Security Officer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Responding to emergencies including fire and natural disasters.
  • Providing first aid and indulging in the evacuation process.
  • Patrolling the assigned areas on foot or in a vehicle and observing for signs of danger or criminal activity.
  • Controlling entry to premises using security devices such as metal detectors, and explosive detectors.
  • Checking identification cards and badges and verifying their validity.
  • Conducting security screenings at entrances to public facilities such as schools, courthouses, and airports.
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras for suspicious activities or violations of rules.
  • Issuing verbal warnings and making arrests if needed.
  • Looking for suspicious or criminal activities.

Education & Skills

Armed Security Officer Skills:

• Strong commitment to the well-being of others.
• Neat, and professional appearance.
• The ability to work flexible hours.
• Clear criminal record.
• Excellent decision-making skills.
• Knowledge of using the weapons only if needed.
• Capacity to stand for long periods.
• Problem-solving skills.

Armed Security Officer Education requirements:

• High school diploma or GED.
• Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice.
• Certification and license in relevant field.

Armed Security Officer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the open position of Armed Security Officer being offered at ***. My experience as a successful Security Officer for more than 10 years, along with my security management skills, and record of successfully carrying out patrolling and surveillance duties enables me to be an excellent candidate for this role. Moreover, my current experience working at *** as their Armed supervisor corresponds closely with your job description which assures me that I would be a great contribution to your security team and company.

My background spans executing all facets of security management in various positions throughout my professional history, starting with roles such as security assistant to advancing to become an Armed Supervisor. I excel at developing effective security procedures, hiring and training staff, and evaluating their performance periodically. I have a deep understanding of the security protocols of the organization and can prevent theft, and vandalism through appropriate security regulations.

Consider the following qualifications that justify my role –

  • Performed 100% ID checks of visitors and employees who enter the premises, and safeguarded staff, authorized vehicles, and property.
  • Responding to emergency conditions and conducting patrolling around the premises to look out for suspicious activities.
  • Entrusted with Armed Supervisor role at *** that required excellent attentive skills to assure the protection of assets, property, and life of residents.
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras and preventing hazardous activities.
  • Devising exit plans in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • Ensuring proper functioning and handling of security equipment.
  • Ensuring all the armed weapons and firearms are renewed.
  • Finely honed communication skills helping me to deal with elite customers who visited ***, simultaneously responding to rifts, and physical confrontations.

I understand how important it is to be composed, yet always on alert in this job role, and I assure you that my responsible nature along with my calm composition will be helpful to your organization. And, also my well-grounded skillset and professional history in providing excellent security services will help me excel in the role of take-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Looking forward to meeting you to discuss the position in further detail.

[Your Name]


Here are some worthy suggestions worth considering while writing your cover letter –

  • Even though experience counts in this profession, a good recommendation would further your chance of landing the job.
  • Be clear in mentioning your roles and responsibilities at your previous working place, it will show how qualified you are for this job.
  • Try to use attributes true to you and that match the one mentioned in the job description.
  • Mention the specific skillset that you are proficient in, you can add skills like CCTV usage proficiency, Cyber skills, and so on.

You can use our Armed Security Officer Resume Samples to create a good resume, and increase your chances of getting your dream job!



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