Coding Specialist Cover Letter Example

A Coding Specialist is responsible for collecting and storing data on patients’ medical histories, symptoms, examinations and test results. They record information in patient medical records and enter data into a computer system using specific codes to create a database of information. They are also responsible for verifying that the data they enter is accurate.

They must have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy in order to accurately code all procedures and diagnoses. They must be able to interpret information provided by physicians and other health care professionals to ensure that it is correctly coded into a patient’s medical record.

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Coding Specialist Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Coding Specialist Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities of a Coding Specialist:

  • Documents the data of the patient in a special code format.
  • Assisting the Finance Department in settling down fee schedules.
  • Reviewing Relative Value Units as well as pricing.
  • Translating the information of a patient into alphanumeric medical codes.
  • Collecting, posting, and managing payments of patients.
  • Submission of claims to the insurance company.
  • Developing and reviewing statements of the patients.
  • Evaluating the accounts of delinquents and calls for collection purposes.
  • Processing payments of patients from insurance companies.
  • Ensure strict confidentiality.
  • Coding services of patients and entering them into the computer.
  • Sorting and completing file paperwork.
  • Make sure that healthcare facilities are recompense for each procedure.
  • Handling information about the diagnosis, treatment, and related procedures of the patient to ensure adequate coding.
  • Knowledge of various coding systems, including Level 1 HCPCS as well as Level 2 HCPCS.
  • Using computers for reading and preparing charts.
  • Follow up with patients and insurance company to see whether patients’ claim is accepted or denied.
  • Investigating rejected claims to check the reasons for the denial.
  • Investigate insurance fraud and report it if found.

Education & Skills

Skills Required in a Coding Specialist:

  • An active and patient listener.
  • Good memory.
  • Ability to ask questions which helps in understanding processes, complex tasks, etc.
  • Competent in resolving challenges.
  • Proficient in adapting to new technologies.
  • Paying attention to all the details.
  • Good management skills and organizing the data.
  • Proficient in understanding the written diagnosis or explanation.
  • Ability to determine the proper codes to use.
  • Proficient typist.
  • Knowledge of using computers effectively.
  • Ability to work independently without any supervision.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Qualifications Required in a Coding Specialist:

  • An associate’s degree in the field of medical billing and coding.
  • A bachelor’s degree in the field of health administration or other related fields is preferred.
  • Work experience of a minimum of one year in a relevant field.

Coding Specialist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

This letter is regarding my interest in applying for the post of Coding Specialist at [XXXYYYY organization]. My …… years of working in the same position at [XXXXYYY organization] match well with the specifications required for this job.

With a strong network of professional, educational qualifications, and passion in coding and medical billing – I am sure to deliver positive outcomes as per your organization’s needs. My experience in the role helped me understand various procedures and guidelines surrounding the field like –

  • Knowledge of ICD – 10.
  • Proficient in using MS office.
  • Knowledge of document management software.
  • Healthcare systems for coding and billing.
  • Knowledge of government policies and regulations.

Given an opportunity, I assure you to give my best to this job and become an asset to your organization.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your Name]


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