Digital Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Digital Marketing Coordinators use their creative, communication, and tech-savvy skills for devising, implementing, and managing the company’s online marketing efforts. These professionals spend their time in the office spearheading the company’s strategic growth efforts, leading email campaigns, and using web and marketing systems to capitalize on current trends.

While Content marketing, websites, social media, and emails may be your forte, writing a cover letter may not be your cakewalk. If you want to prove that you have the former talents, you have to write an attention-grabbing cover letter. Use our Digital Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Samples and the best tips on how to write a cover letter for digital marketing jobs!

Digital Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter example

Digital Marketing Coordinators support and optimize the company’s digital marketing programs. Typical duties carried out by these professionals include – tracking campaign progress, developing various digital marketing materials, collating content, sourcing images and artwork, and updating online assets.

What to Include in a Digital Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Managing the company’s website.
  • Overseeing the lead generation.
  • Creating effective marketing strategies.
  • Monitoring the results of digital marketing efforts.
  • Supporting marketing initiatives.
  • Creating and managing mailing lists.
  • Editing marketing material.
  • Researching market trends.
  • Identifying and engaging with vendors.
  • Coordinating marketing events.
  • Developing and sourcing content for digital platforms.
  • Optimizing SEO.

Education & Skills

Digital Marketing Coordinator Skills:

  • Strong understanding of HTML, and CSS.
  • Experience in overseeing social media campaigns, and familiarity with current social media platforms.
  • Familiarity with SEO and SEM campaign tools.
  • In-depth knowledge of Email marketing campaigns, Content Management Systems, and Social Media platforms.
  • Knowledge of web analytics.
  • Strong presentation skills.

Digital Marketing Coordinator Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or an equivalent.
  • Experience in a marketing role.

Digital Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator with 5 years of experience enhancing client brands and engagement, I was delighted to come across ***’s job ad for a Digital Marketing Coordinator position on LinkedIn. On reviewing your job description, I noted that you are looking for a coordinator who can lead and coordinate the digital marketing team and contribute to the development of successful campaigns, and who can create and keep up with challenging project schedules. And, all these attributes seamlessly fit my background and profile.

In my current role at *** as Digital Marketing Associate, I am charged with the duty of developing effective in-house marketing campaigns, working alongside graphic designers, SEO specialists, and copywriters. I also handle social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Some of my core accomplishments include –

  • While working at ***, I helped to increase the social following of the company website by 65%
  • Analyzed the ****’s data and developed new consumer trends and competitive analysis reports leading to a 20% increase in half-yearly sales.
  • Leading a team of 25 content managers, and product managers, and working with different client bases to increase revenue by 50% on average.
  • I also helped *** in its transition process, which saved 25% time on scheduling tasks, and boosted 20% efficiency across the department.
  • The handled project budget of $5M to $15M, concentrating on cost-saving whilst increasing the client base by 25%.
  • I also introduced my team members to the latest SEO tool which increased our output by 35%.
  • Launched **** in ****(list your accomplishments).
  • Spearheaded marketing staff on *** content that resulted in a 45% increase in follower count.

I am thrilled to be working for **** as Digital Marketing Coordinator so that I can elevate the brand name through effective and unique strategies, and at the same time build my marketing skills. Thank you for the while and for considering my application. I would be happy to share more details about my experience and skills in our next meeting.

[Your Name]


The strongest cover letter opens the door for many opportunities. Hence, aspirants for this role should create this document by keeping in mind their ambition, and passion for serving in this discipline. The ultimate goal should be to attract the employer through this cover letter. Highlight, what is necessary and matches with the specified job description. Our above cover letter sample is a perfect picture of how it should be. Also, for help with resume creation, refer to our Digital Marketing Coordinator Resume Samples.



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