English Professor Cover Letter Example

You can take the help of a cover letter to present your unique attributes to the prospective employer in the format of a business letter. An English Professor Cover Letter lets you include career accomplishments and previous work experiences.

We have framed an English Professor Cover Letter Sample below that has covered all the critical aspects of a cover letter.

English Professor Cover Letter example

What to Include in a English Professor Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The role of an English Professor is found in colleges and universities. There’s a wide range of responsibilities performed by an English Professor.

Some of them are spotlighted below:

  • Teach English syllabus to the college students.
  • Review current curriculum and outline course enhancements.
  • Participate in detainment, positioning, and collaborative academic activities of students.
  • Acts as a liaison between college and community.
  • Spot and suggest required course instructions.
  • Assist and coordinate to spread the course throughout the session.
  • Regular maintenance of students’ academic records.
  • Assists in designing professional development activities for students.

Education & Skills

English Professor Skills:

  • Skilled to communicate effectively in order to explain the concepts to the students well.
  • Outstanding time-management to multi-task efficiently between teaching class, assess and recommend course improvements.
  • Innovative thinker to impart lessons in a fun and creative fashion to grab students’ interest.
  • Understanding of MS Office to design course material.

English Professor Educational Requirements:

  • Graduation in the English Language.
  • Post-graduation in the same stream.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in English teaching.

English Professor Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I am writing to present my candidature for the role of an English Professor at your accredited university. The alignment of my related work experience, qualifications, and field attributes with the outlined job summary, makes me the best fit for the role. I have been serving as an English Professor for the last two years at ABC University.

Your reputable university is known for its consistency in securing excellent scores. The talented bunch of professors has played a significant role in adding glory and success to the university. It would be an extreme honor to nurture my professional career in such a workplace.

My below job qualifications can help you gauge my fitness for the role:

  • Prepare course curriculum to facilitate student learning in a classroom environment.
  • Promote student engagement in active class discussions.
  • Update students’ score records.
  • Collaborate with co-faculties to develop co-curricular activities.

Please review my enclosed resume to sneak peek into my academic qualification, past work experience. I hope to speak with you about how I can help propel the English Department of your University.

[Your Name]


Avoid using an informal tone while writing your cover letter as it reduces your chances of selection.

Companies screen thousands of resumes before hiring a suitable candidate for the available position. Therefore, it is recommended to draft a resume that is targeted to the specific position. We have professionally written an English Professor Resume Sample to help aspiring candidates get their dream jobs.



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