Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter Example

A cover letter is the direct opportunity to build a relation between yourself and the prospective recruiting manager. Your Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter should portray you as a potential candidate who can excel in the position with his exclusive skill set.

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Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

A Full Charge Bookkeeper is responsible for overseeing small and medium-sized business accounts. He is required to perform more tasks than a regular bookkeeper. He has to maintain a record of expenditure invoices, process customers’ billing, generate bank statements, and handle tax returns.

Handling 360 degrees of accounting operations, processing accounts receivable and accounts payable, updating general ledger accurately, and managing employee payroll are the responsibilities of a Full Charge Bookkeeper.

Education & Skills

Full Charge Bookkeeper Skills:

  • Capable of accomplishing tasks such as preparing tax returns within the time limit.
  • Detail-oriented to enter vendor expense accurately in the records.
  • Superior presentation/reporting skills to prepare financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Demonstrate the ability to multitask.
  • Capable of quickly adapting to the dynamic business environment.

Full Charge Bookkeeper Educational Requirements:

  • Graduation degree in accounting.
  • Certification in bookkeeping.
  • Skilled in preparing tax returns and bank statements.
  • Proficient in bookkeeping and accounting software.
  • Proven experience in a bookkeeping role.

Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I want to bring my candidacy for the role of Full Charge Bookkeeper to your attention. With the proven 2+ years’ experience in bookkeeping, the role has prepared me to become your Full Charge Bookkeeper.

Some of my essential duties are as follows:

  • Validate refunds and charges being applied accurately.
  • Notify the budget deviation to the upper management.
  • Process invoices and collect cheques.
  • Proper maintenance of records of invoices, cheques, financial statements, etc.
  • Supervision of employee payroll system.
  • Perform secretarial tasks such as serving as a front desk, executive to the customer, handling incoming phone calls, and answering canned responses.

I have gained a superb set of skills such as flexibility to adapt to the changing duties and excellent reporting skills to excel in the position. Therefore, I believe I can bring success to the bookkeeping staff of your firm.

I want to thank you for taking a walk through my application. Below is included in my resume to portray my career breakthroughs and relevant coursework. I am hoping to meet you at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]


An experienced job seeker should exhibit the skills he can bring to the table gained during the course of his experience.

Your resume hands over the detailed information on your educational record and related work history along with the job skills. Therefore, it is recommended to mention those qualities which are overlapping with the job requirements. You can get an idea of what to include from our Full Charge Bookkeeper Resume Sample to prepare your own.



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