Hairstylist Cover Letter Example

Though a resume plays the most important role to get through the screening process, sending it along with a strong cover letter can boost your selection chances. Your Hairstylist Cover Letter must target the job skills that are essentially required in the job summary.

Our Hairstylist Cover Letter example displayed below will share the most effective format for you to use in your cover letter.

A Hairstylist is a skilled professional who has a deep understanding of hairstyling techniques and equipment. He also provides his expert advice on hair care treatments, products, etc. He has a variety of duties to perform such as shampooing, coloring, and cutting hair along with promoting the products available at the salon.

Hairstylist Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Hairstylist Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

Some of the significant job duties of a Hairstylist are as follows:

Education & Skills

Hairstylist Skills:

  • Formal and kind communication skills to interact with the customers at the salon.
  • Outstanding mentoring skills to train the new hairstyling assistants.
  • Innovative to try new and trendy hairstyles.
  • Great salesmanship and persuasive skills to promote hair-related products amongst the customers.
  • Ability to adhere to safety measures while using hairstyling equipment.
  • Comfortable in traveling to different locations for styling hair of the customers.
  • Capable of standing for extended hours.

Hairstylist Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Certification in hairstyling program from a recognized training center.
  • Prior experience in a similar professional of 1-2 years is advantageous.
  • Working knowledge of hairstyling equipment such as straightener, curling, and rolling tongs, crimpers, etc.

Hairstylist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

As a seasoned and 2 years experienced Hairstylist, I want to submit my job application for your review. I have fostered skills like polished communication, a teamwork attitude, and keen attention to detail.

Please have a look at the below list of my job responsibilities that are aligned with your job expectations:

  • Welcoming the clients at the salon.
  • Use an examining instrument to assess the hair quality.
  • Shampooing, cutting, and coloring hair.
  • Provide hair spa and other hair treatment
  • Style the hair according to the event.

I have been able to successfully perform the above routine tasks with my unparalleled work commitment and adherence to the deadline. I am sure to add a maximum contribution to the ongoing success of your salon.

Please go through my resume attached below in order to get an insight into my education and work experiences. I hope to get a chance to have a personal round of discussion about job skills.

[Your Name]


You must revisit your cover letter to check for typos, and grammatical errors as this would reflect your attentiveness and polished written communication. You can take help from our Hairstylist Resume Sample to create a strong and effective resume for yourself.



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