Beauty Consultant Cover Letter Example

A Beauty Consultant recommends the clients the best beauty products to buy especially the ones that suit them. They are adept at giving advice on skin, nail-care, make-up, and fragrances.

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Beauty Consultant Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Beauty Consultant Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

Beauty consultants work at the cosmetic counters within a department store. They mainly aim at customers who are interested in beauty enhancement and beauty products. They help the customers by describing the full range of products available and how they work by giving them makeovers. A cosmetic company directly recruits them for selling their products.

  • Maintain standards of beauty room and offer beauty treatments to customers with alacrity.
  • Ensure existing stocks are displayed in the front row to new stocks regularly.
  • Ensure excellent housekeeping standards.
  • Ensure regular and timely replenishment of stocks and maintain optimal levels by informing the store manager.
  • Ensure timely completion of a beauty store and office operations in accordance with the manager’s request.
  • Maintain team’s delivery of business plans and sales elements for the assigned areas.

Education & Skills

A Beauty Advisor must have the following skills:

  • Work on sales and marketing the products available at the counter.
  • Extensive up-to-date knowledge of the latest products of the company and beauty trends.
  • Strong communication skills are required to strike and involve the potential client while explaining about the products.
  • A passion for beauty products will be easily appreciated by clients and they value the recommendation made to by the beauty consultant.
  • A good understand of skin textures and how products react to the skin if applied. Important for making the right recommendations to the client.
  • Problem-solving skills come in handy if ever the customer or client returns with issues related to the product or billing.
  • Dedication for providing a good customer service.
  • She must maintain good physical stamina to work all day.
  • Meeting the sales target and look like a professional to impress the client.

The cover letter of a Beauty Consultant includes the following qualifications:

  • A high school diploma is minimum requirement.
  • Certification/apprenticeship/experience as a sales and customer service representative at a retail store.
  • A knowledge of skincare products in general and specific company products.
  • A degree in cosmetology or a relevant field.
  • An understanding of the different skin types/textures.
  • Knowledge about sales techniques.

Beauty Consultant Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.[Name of the Store Manager],

It will be a great opportunity to work with a team that shares my dedication for growth and career advancement within the beauty industry. It is my dream to work as a Beauty Consultant with such a team and your company is just right for me. I am confident that my 6 years of experience and knowledge of sales and skincare products will be helpful in improving the sales further.

I have a background in sales and a certification in cosmetology. I am knowledgeable and hardworking. My attributes such as creative thinking, excellent communication skills, and problem solving abilities has always pushed me to perform better. I have worked with beauty salons in improving their customer base and their sales subsequently.

My background includes a sales experience of 1 year at major retail stores and the remaining experience I have gained with skincare and beauty products sales. I have always maintained highest standards of professional approach and customer services. I excel at maintaining a clean work station , with a visually appealing counter. With these attributes and highlights of my experience I am sure I will be perfect to be a part of your team. Highlights of my experience are:

  • Being professional in appearance and attitude wise has always attracted customers as they can feel a sense of trust with me.
  • Highly adept in demonstrating products and explaining about its uses and applications.
  • Proactive in developing returning customers and develop unique sales relation to supply the product.
  • My knowledge about skin and related issues helps me address the clients specific needs and hence recommendations.
  • I have organized events to demonstrate tutorials and techniques-focused presentations to increases the sales.
  • To improve the display of products using interior design techniques to improve the appeal.
  • Study in-depth about the product line and materials used in them. This always helps me connect with the clients who are aware of how the products are made.

I am sure that my experience will be an addition to your team. My knowledge and experience in sales and services of beauty products are proven and an opportunity to work with you as a Beauty Consultant. Looking forward for a successful career at your establishment.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing my career achievements with you.

[Your Name]


  • Make the letter tailor-made to the job description mentioned in the advert.
  • Ensure to give a positive impression overall.
  • Proofread it before sending it.
  • Mention recommendations from clients and previous employers to stand out.
  • Talk about your knowledge of the products that the company sells.
  • Talk about your sales experience w.r.t. beauty care products.

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