History Teacher Cover Letter Example

Most job aspirants assume that the cover letter is nothing but a replica of a resume, but it is not true. A cover letter uncovers the professional skills and accomplishments that you can bring to the job role. Your History Teacher Cover Letter must be intended towards your job-specific skills and new techniques to smoothen the business operations.

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History Teacher Cover Letter example

What to Include in a History Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

History Teacher Roles And Responsibilities:

The role of a History Teacher is to teach the secondary and senior secondary students and impart knowledge about political, diplomatic, economic, military, social, and cultural history. He is responsible for preparing students for higher examinations and competitive tests. He makes sure that the students understand the concept well and ensures that no doubt of the students remains unanswered.

A few of the job responsibilities of a History Teacher are highlighted below:

Education & Skills

History Teacher Skills:

  • Outstanding speaking skills to effectively impart information amongst the students.
  • Active listener to understand the doubts and queries asked by the students.
  • Analytical and critical thinking to choose suitable teaching strategies as per the situation.
  • Ability to maintain decorum and discipline of the class.
  • Patient and calm in nature to explain the concepts repeatedly until the students understand well.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest revisions in the curriculum and education policies.

History Teacher Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in history is compulsory.
  • A Master’s degree in history is highly preferred.
  • Certification in teaching program from a recognized institute.
  • State teaching license preferred by some employers.
  • Internship experience at public or private education centers (preferred).

History Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I would like to grab this opportunity to enroll my candidacy for the open position of History Teacher with your school. With 5 years of experience, I have developed the best combination of skills and comprehensive field knowledge to propel the success of your school.

Please go through my current job responsibilities mentioned below:

  • Go through all the relevant course material and prepare the lectures.
  • Deliver interesting and engaging lectures in the class.
  • Check and grade the exams and assignments submitted by the students.
  • Assist colleagues in organizing annual school events.
  • Utilize smart teaching equipment to teach the students.

Along with the above contributions, I am well-acquainted with the fast-paced work environment and steadfast commitment towards work. Thus, I am a perfect match for the vacant role.

Please refer to my attached resume to get more information on my educational background and relevant job history.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]


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