Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter Example

A Kindergarten Teacher is responsible for providing basic education to kindergarten students in public and private schools. He ensures that students cultivate desirable skills and are well-mannered. He teaches the basic concepts of science and maths in a fun manner so that students develop an interest in the subjects.

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Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The typical duties of a Kindergarten Teacher include create lesson plans and teaching materials, teaching the fundamentals of subjects in a fun manner, organize classrooms and maintain classroom discipline, provide assignments, conduct tests and evaluate students, and report the progress of students to their parents.

  • Creating a learning environment that is safe and nurturing.
  • Supervising children during lessons, mealtime, and on the playground.
  • Assisting students to resolve conflict with others.
  • Monitoring and notifying caregivers of students’ progress.
  • Notifying the Department Head and caregivers of accidents or other noteworthy incidents that occur while students are under your supervision.
  • Attending meetings with staff and caregivers, as required.

Education & Skills

Additionally, the cover letter for a Kindergarten Teacher should mention the following skillset:

  • Child development psychology.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Relevant subject knowledge.
  • Patience and perseverance.
  • Appealing personality and fun-loving person.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Detail-oriented.

Successful cover letters for a Kindergarten Teacher often mention the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field along with a teaching certificate. A degree in teaching is an added advantage.

Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

This is in regards to my interest in applying for the position of Kindergarten Teacher at [XXX School]. With a passion for teaching and over 3 years of experience in the teaching field coupled with my commitment to work, I believe I am the ideal candidate for this role.

[XXX School] is regarded highly for imparting knowledge to its students by using pragmatic teaching methods. It has developed a reputation for developing positive skills in students. I believe your school can provide a great platform for me to exhibit my skills.

I have experience in teaching students of preschool, kindergarten, and up to Grade 3. I am adept at creating lesson plans to explain difficult concepts in a fun manner to my pupils. My daily duties and responsibilities in my current school include:

  • Develop lesson plans and teaching aids.
  • Teach the fundamental concepts of science and mathematics.
  • Provide assignments and evaluate students.
  • Monitor the progress of students.
  • Work closely with students who have poor grades and help them understand difficult concepts.
  • Organize parent meetings and discuss the performance of students with their parents.

My patience for teaching is what let me pursue this line of work. I understand the importance of being patient with kids while teaching them. With my passion for teaching and the relevant skills, I believe I can significantly contribute to your school.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person and taking things forward. Thank you for your time and patience.

[Your Name]


An effective Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter should express your passion for the job and explain to the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate. Highlight your educational qualification, academic achievements, and your research activities related to your field of study. Increase your chances of getting hired by creating an impressive resume using our Kindergarten Teacher Resume Sample.



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