Language Interpreter Cover Letter Example

The main role of a Language Interpreter is to listen, understand and translate spoken/written statements from other languages to English. The individual reproduces the statements exactly without changing the meaning, context, and subject of what is being said or written.

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Language Interpreter Cover Letter example

A Language Interpreter is responsible for helping people communicate with one another, by interpreting and translating the language being said to the required language of the recipient. These professionals normally work in multinational companies, educational institutions, educational consultancy firms, and immigration offices. A Language Interpreter travels with clients, assists them in communicating and helps the client by translating spoken words into written messages.

What to Include in a Language Interpreter Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Translating messages, voice recordings, live speeches, and documents into another language.
  • Listening with utmost care and attention to provide context, meaning, tone, and technical wording in the same manner as it is told.
  • Collaborating with colleagues and compiling helpful information, including terms and definitions.
  • Identifying terms and words with conflicting meanings and determining the alternative gives the same clarity.
  • Verifying and modifying the edited translations and guaranteeing the final content carries the same message and original material.
  • Consulting encyclopedias, dictionaries, and terminology compilations to stay educated and current.
  • Analyzing audience members, and listening to debriefings to determine which material will be translated.
  • Documenting changes to translated materials.
  • Maintaining an orderly method for filling and recording so that it can be useful as a reference in future.

Education & Skills

Language Interpreter Skills:

  • Excellent bilingual communication skills – verbal and written.
  • Proficiency in using relevant software and computer systems.
  • Proficient enunciation and pronunciation skills.
  • Pleasing and professional voice.
  • A good understanding of cultural sensitivity and the ability to communicate well with people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Outstanding listening, note-taking, and retention skills.

Language Interpreter Education Requirements:

  • A Degree in foreign studies.
  • A valid certificate from an accredited Interpretation School.
  • Familiarity with using technology for translation.

Language Interpreter Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Learning of your requirement for a new Language Interpreter position, I hastened to submit my detailed resume for your perusal. As a highly experienced and skilled professional with more than 10 years of experience in Language Interpretation, I have proved to be a highly accurate interpreter. And, I feel confident that this asset of mine will significantly contribute to the growth of your business.

As I am a native of (Country Name), I am very much familiar with Speaking, Writing, and reading (languages name), and I have a great inspiration to learn new languages. The nuances of the (language) fascinate me and have allowed me to explore and marinate them every single time. Moreover, I am a travel freak, and I have traveled to (list Country name), and this spirit in me has developed a liking for (Country name) culture, politics, and religion.

I have a strong passion for politics, and I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and can very easily understand legal and political terminologies. Here is a quick sneak peek into my qualifications –

  • Successful track record of performing language-interpreting services with a solid history of providing accurate and reliable verbatim translations.
  • The ability to interpret foreign languages, along with strong knowledge of sign language, and can work within any academic environment, criminal justice, and corporate environment proceedings.
  • Possessing fluency in (list the languages name).
  • I am also a Certified ASL Interpreter.
  • Ensuring superior accuracy and reliability to provide a 100% accurate understanding of translation and interpretation service.
  • Meticulous attention to detail, with outstanding memory, and keen attention to detail.

Beyond all this, I regularly read books and keep myself updated with my reading and understanding skills. I also have a decent conversation grasp of all these languages. I will consider it an honor if given a chance to apply my abilities to help grease your wheel of business relationships and assist *** in attaining greater heights. Hoping to see you in person to discuss further how best of a fit I can be for this role.

[Your Name]


Demonstrate your superior foreign language skills, your ability to speak, read and write in the language that is being mentioned in the job description, Also, state your passion for interpretation and translation. Express your achievements and accolades in the field. Enhance your resume quality with the help of our Language Interpreter Resume Sample.



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