Medical Interpreter Cover Letter Example

A cover letter is over and above a formality. It gives you a golden opportunity to impress the prospective employer. A well-written cover letter constitutes a brief about your education qualification and professional journey. In addition, it highlights your fitness for the job role. Your Medical Interpreter Cover Letter must present your qualities such as solid command over languages, communication skills, etc. The Medical Interpreter Cover Letter Sample below is an ideal example of a riveting cover letter.

The primary responsibility of a Medical Interpreter is to provide an accurate translation of medical details in direct service to the patients who can neither speak nor understand English.

Medical Interpreter Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Medical Interpreter Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

A Medical Interpreter has to perform a variety of tasks, out of which some are outlined below:

  • Assist the non-English speakers and non-natives in completing the documentation.
  • Develop policies and strategies regarding the interpretation services.
  • Act as a liaison and translator between the doctor and patients.
  • Convey the correct meaning of diagnosis and medical treatment to the patients.
  • Maintain and update the records of patients who avail of the interpretation services.
  • Offer assistance to the patients in their follow-up appointments as well.

Education & Skills

Medical Interpreter Skills:

  • Strong linguistic command and fluency with multiple languages.
  • Active listening skills in order to thoroughly comprehend the patients’ and medical consultants’ opinions.
  • Capable of empathizing with patients and their family members.
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of the patients’ personal information.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in order to communicate with patients and doctors.
  • Attentiveness to details to ensure that the accurate meaning of the terms is conveyed to both, i.e. patients and the doctors.

Medical Interpreter Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (required).
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant stream is highly preferred.
  • Certification in the interpreter program from a recognized institute is required.
  • Proficient in English and other languages.
  • Well acquainted with medical jargon.

Medical Interpreter Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I was delighted to discover a job posting for Medical Interpreter at your reputed medical establishment. During my 3 years of work experience, I have acquired role-specific skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, compassion, organizational ability, etc. I am sure that with my knowledge and abilities, I would be able to contribute significantly to the expectations of the role.

Enumerated are my current job duties at XYZ Medical Center:

  • Assess the interpretation requirements of the patients and their family members.
  • Provide the language service to the patients during the interview process regarding their medical history.
  • Relay the details accurately and appropriately between the patients and the medical consultants.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the patient information.
  • Clarify the meaning and ensure that the patients have understood the diagnosis, medical procedures, etc.
  • Remind the patients about their appointment and assist them with the follow-up process.
  • Perform other activities as assigned.

In addition to the above-mentioned duties, I am skilled at building positive and professional rapport with the patients, managing the paperwork, understanding the patients’ concerns, etc.

I would like to express gratitude in advance for reviewing my application for the vacant job role. In the enclosed resume, you will get an idea about my educational background and previous work responsibilities. I look forward to having a detailed conversation regarding my fitness for the position of Medical Interpreter.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]


Limiting your cover letter to a few paragraphs and ensuring the inclusion of every relevant detail regarding your accomplishments and understanding of medical jargon would be a plus for your Medical Interpreter Cover Letter.

A resume is more than just a formality. By referring to our Medical Interpreter Resume Sample, you will get an overview of a well-written resume.



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