Orthopedic Nurse Cover Letter Example

An Orthopedic Nurse treats injuries and illnesses that affect the patient’s muscles and bones. Common work activities carried out by these specialized nurses are – assessing patient status, notifying physicians of clinical changes, and maintaining patient charts and confidential files.

The Orthopedic Nurses work alongside nurses to perform treatments on patients with musculoskeletal conditions, monitor the patient’s health and general body condition, and report changes and improvements to the doctor.

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Orthopedic Nurse Cover Letter example

Orthopedics Nurses are employed in hospitals and large clinics that have a separate Orthopedics department. These nurses are an important part of the healthcare industry and work in clinics, private practices, rehabilitation centers, and home health agencies.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that in May 2020 the median annual wage for Orthopedic Nurses was $75,330, however, there are variations in the salary based on the place of employment. For example, the BLS notes that the registered nurses working for the federal government earned an average pay of $96,230 while those working for nursing care facilities earned $72,090

The BLS further states that there will be significant demand or employment opportunities for this classification of workers and it is expected that from 2014 to 2024 there will be a 16% increase in the profession, which is much faster than the national average.

What to Include in a Orthopedic Nurse Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Taking pain prescriptions from the doctors and administering same to the patients.
  • Preparing a pain management schedule for patients based on doctor’s prescriptions to prevent patients from suffering from pain.
  • Monitoring and quickly attending to any signs of negative reactions to drugs and allergies.
  • Educating patients on steps to take for managing the pain and how to avoid post-surgical infections.
  • Managing patient’s hygiene by assisting with bedpan changes, and body cleaning.
  • Assisting orthopedic doctors in performing their duties.
  • Performing wound dressing on patients with infections.
  • Monitoring vital signs of patients.

Education & Skills

Orthopedic Nurse Skills:

  • Sensitivity to other people’s feelings and reactions- the ability to understand the pain and how it affects their patients.
  • Attention to details.
  • Earnest zeal to help other people.
  • Critical thinking skills and logical reasoning skills.
  • A good understanding of medical terms and languages.
  • Good at problem-solving.
  • The ability to interpret doctor’s assessments and prescriptions.
  • Compassion and patience.

Orthopedic Nurse Education Requirements:

  • To become an Orthopedic Nurse, one should hold a four-year bachelor’s degree program in nursing, and also be a registered nurse.
  • After graduation, the applicant must pass the written examination and obtain the registered nurse license in the state.

Orthopedic Nurse Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear (Hiring Manager’s Name),

I was excited to discover that you are seeking to fill the Orthopedic Nurse within (Hospital Name) in (Location name). I am certain that my previous field experience, exceptional industry knowledge, and finely honed skill sets make me a suitable candidate for this role, and I am also confident that I would be a valuable addition to your organization.

I just graduated in (Month, year) from (University Name) with a (Qualification). I earned my bachelor of science degree in nursing from (State University Name in the year) and passed the state boards and worked for 4 years as a registered nurse in the (Facility name) before returning to school to continue my nursing studies with a concentration on neonatology.

Highlights of my qualification include –

  • Excelled in my academics and was not only among the top 3% of students but also was pro-actively involved in multiple clubs and associations, my educational background has helped me to become a valuable team player and allowed me to groom my problem solving and time management skills.
  • While working at (facility name) I was recognized for my contribution towards providing emergency care, maintaining confidential files and records, and providing professional support and assistance to multiple Doctors.
  • Providing comprehensive Orthopedic nursing support in a wide range of surgical cases.
  • Consistently demonstrating a stellar commitment to providing quality patient care while aligning with legal regulations, and nursing philosophy.
  • Tracking patient progress, and reports, and communicating effectively across diverse medical teams for ensuring appropriateness.
  • Additionally achieved credentials as a Certified emergency nurse – CEN.

Furthermore, I have spent most of my time caring for infants born with health challenges. Finally, I am ready to hone my skills and would be an accuracy-oriented person offering a strong work ethic to successfully execute all assigned duties. I am happy to schedule an interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


Employers normally assess the background and experience of the applicants through their cover letter and resume. In the tips that follow we will explain how you can create a powerful cover letter and get the attention of the hiring manager-

  • Review the job description, and concentrate on keywords about skills, qualifications, and certifications that can highlight your resume.
  • Try to target key sentences or frames such as – Diagnostic testing, medication administration, passive motion therapy, and skeletal injuries, as these words depict your qualification.
  • Describe your work experience in brief, and also don’t forget to list your achievements and awards received in your career including the ones you received in your schooling or college tenure.

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