Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter Example

Perioperative Nurses are registered nurses who work in the surgery or operating room setting. They are also called Operating Room Nurses, or Surgical Nurses. These specialized nurses work and assist patients before, during, and after the surgery. Hiring employers want incumbents possessing phenomenal efficiency and a strong knowledge of operation procedures and patient safety.

To create an ever-lasting impression on your hiring employer, you will first need an amazing Cover Letter! Get on board with our free Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter Sample and expert writing tips to write your perfect cover letter.

Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter example

Perioperative Nurses employ a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach toward patient care. They assist the surgeons, and the surgical team and take care of the patients throughout and after the surgery. Working in the operating room, these specialized nurses serve as scrub nurses, select and pass instruments and supplies to the medical surgeons, manage the overall nursing care in the operating room, and maintain a comfortable and safe environment. Being sensitive and compassionate is a prerequisite for this profession.

What to Include in a Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Working with patients before, during, and after surgeries and helping answer questions, and calming fears about surgery.
  • Monitoring a patient’s conditions during and after surgeries.
  • Selecting and passing instruments and supplies to the medical team during operations.
  • Managing the overall nursing care in the OR and helping to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Cleaning surgical equipment and the OR sterile.
  • Educating patients on best practices for recovery, including pain management and keeping wound clean.
  • Reviewing chart for completeness.
  • Adhering to all relevant health and safety standards.

Education & Skills

Perioperative Nurse Skills:

  • Solid knowledge of surgical operation procedures.
  • Outstanding patient management skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Solid understanding of patient safety and precautions.
  • Cool-tempered with emotional and physical stamina.
  • Good understanding of surgical operations procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Perioperative Nurse Education Requirements:

  • Diploma in Nursing.
  • Valid license.
  • NCLEX qualifications.

Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

Upon reviewing your job listing I came to know that you are searching for a highly talented, skilled, and experienced Perioperative Nurse for your Operating Room Department. My 10 + years of nursing experience coupled with my ability to support patients during surgical operations allows me to substantially contribute to the healthcare goals of **** by working as your next Perioperative Nurse.

My overall nursing history and my experience in assessing patients’ pre-op conditions, and monitoring their progress are some crucial skills that I bring along with me. My expertise lies in quickly transferring the correct surgery tools, and equipment, and anticipating the surgeon’s needs. I work each day to provide superior nursing service and support.

Please review the below-listed responsibilities performed by me –

  • Working at ****, and undertaking responsibility for providing care to patients before, during, and after the surgery, while providing constant mental support to patients and their family members.
  • Managing the surgical suite and ensuring that all supplies and equipment are in working condition.
  • Providing quality patient care and adhering to nursing philosophy, and legal regulations.
  • My ability to trap patient flow patterns, and enable rapid room turnover times were honored and I was selected for transfer from the main operating room to a newly opened Surgical Center.
  • Member of several committees (list some) and am an active leader and mentor for other nurses.
  • Trained and motivated more than 100 Staff Nurses, and clinical nurses.
  • Earning a nursing degree, along with a certification in perioperative Nursing.

My abilities to offer overarching critical care support to patients in the OR, along with my strong desire to help patients, allows me to greatly contribute to ***’s objectives in this role. And, I am positive that my other skills will readily get transferred for ***.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to discussing in detail my skills and how I will become a vital part of your present working staff.

[Your Name]


Show your hiring manager what you’re capable of with your Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter. Some pointers to consider when writing this cover letter include:

  • A summary of how many patients you have helped with surgical operations.
  • Describe how much safety training you’ve taken and how you consistently put your patients’ safety first.
  • Mention the kind of skills specific to the job you are equipped with.
  • Show your experience dealing with crucial cases, and how you adhere to all safety measures.
  • Highlight any honors or recognition for your efforts as an OR Nurse.
  • Indicate the period you have worked as a nurse.

There are plenty of opportunities to land a Perioperative Nurse job position, but it will not be handed over to you unless your cover letter comes with a strong Resume. Craft a resume that catches the attention of the hiring manager. Our Perioperative Nurse Resume Samples help you stand out from the competition.



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