Printing Supervisor Cover Letter Example

A Printing Supervisor works for the printing sector and undertakes responsibility for the production and distribution of various print materials. These professionals oversee the entire printing operations, from planning to printing, and supervise the junior staff. A strong understanding of the printing process and the ability to handle loads of responsibility are essential to succeed in this career.

An employer spots your related skills and job interest in a flash, hence, it is important to compose your cover letter in such a way that in that one flash, the reader gets maximum input of your professional history, skills, and capabilities that match the job requirements. You should balance your hard and soft skills while composing your Printing Supervisor’s Cover Letter. We have an expert-written Printing Supervisor Cover Letter Sample to get you past the screening process.

Printing Supervisor Cover Letter example

The main responsibility of a Printing Supervisor is to monitor the printing facility’s overall daily operations, and ensure that the printed material is designed, created, and shipped as per the specifications of the client. The job description further includes working with a variety of printed materials, streamlining the printing process, and undertaking responsibility for all kinds of printing including newspaper, and promotional adverts.

What to Include in a Printing Supervisor Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • To check the accuracy and viability of the product and ensure it meets the specifications.
  • Liaising with the customer account manager and discussing time and process setbacks.
  • Allocating, and checking with the staff.
  • Hiring and training new staff.
  • Managing the production staff and trainees.
  • Work allocation and performance checks.
  • Recommending changes and improvement.
  • Ordering and monitoring the movement of supplies.
  • Ensuring customer’s requirements are met within the time and budget.
  • Ensuring collaboration between various departments.
  • Ensuring the workers comply with the health and safety standards of the printing unit.
  • Streamlining the printing process.

Education & Skills

Printing Supervisor Skills:

  • Numerical and verbal reasoning skills.
  • High level of communication abilities.
  • Customer service approach.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Tact and ability to persuade and negotiate.
  • A good understanding of all kinds of printing.
  • Strong knowledge of the technicalities involved in the job.

Printing Supervisor Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in printing technology or graphic arts.
  • Print production qualification.
  • Work experience in a similar setting.

Printing Supervisor Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

I proceed to submit my application for your consideration after discovering that your company is seeking a new Printing Supervisor. As a professional and highly experienced printing supervisor with more than 9 years of experience working for various printing sectors, I feel confident that my expertise and technical skills align perfectly with the job requirements of your company.

In my previous role as Printing *** at ***, I was tasked with the duty of overseeing all facets of print production operations. I managed a team of 15 team members while ensuring the timely completion of the assignments within the specified budget frame. I trust that my skills and experience in the field position me to quickly surpass the expectations that you have from this role, and at the same time bring continued success to ***.

Expanding on my routine responsibilities in the current organization –

  • Supervising the quality of printing, and packaging.
  • Making employee schedules, down stocking reports, and doing cycle counts.
  • Supervising and maintaining a safe environment for 100 print shop employees, and ensuring the daily quota of **** is met.
  • Extensive experience in installing, repairing, and training new hires on equipment use.
  • Proficient in all aspects of the print production process, from pre-press to post-press.
  • Superior multitasking abilities with a concentration on a high level of quality control.
  • Repaired **** printers, replaced parts, dampers, scan motors, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Implemented optimal use of materials, leading to around 15% cut in the procurement of ink earning revenue of around **** within a month.
  • Proficiency in testing and developing new print profiles and new printing process.

I am a self-motivated and result-oriented person, and I am confident that I would provide my best service to your facility. I am excited to put forth my knowledge of the print production process, and my expertise in managing large-scale projects and work to expand ***. I hope we could meet in person so that I can give you additional details about my qualifications and credentials.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


Make sure your cover letter highlights your professional qualifications, previous employment, and accomplishments that are vital to the role you are applying for. Additionally, attempt to showcase your experience working with various types of software or equipment used in the printing process. This will show the reader that you are familiar with the tools that are commonly used in the print facility.

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