Procurement Internship Cover Letter Example

The Procurement Intern makes sure that CO’s procurement operations and procedures are carried out in a streamlined and productive manner while working under the direction and control of the procurement analyst/manager. The Procurement Intern encourages the unit to have a customer-focused, high-quality, and outcome-oriented approach. The Procurement Intern oversees, instructs, and supports every member of the procurement department, involving Negotiating, Acquiring, Fast tracking, Supplier Standard Policing, Logistic support, and Field Supplies.

Your cover letter is the primary element of supporting documentation you should provide in support of your qualifications for the Procurement Internship position. Utilize our Procurement Internship Cover Letter Samples and writing guidelines to create a cover letter that stands out from the crowd.

Procurement Internship Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Procurement Internship Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Regular one-on-one sessions between the intern(s) and respective mentor(s) will be held to build a roadmap for the clear targets that will be achieved during the course of internships, besides a strategy or proposals for a particular project.
  • Tracking the daily receipt of products.
  • Handling requests for orders and purchases.
  • Interacting with logistical parties and providers.
  • Involvement in procurement projects on a proactive basis.
  • Assistance in carrying out measures to ensure adherence to procurement laws and regulations.
  • Executing specified initiatives as authorized by the designated mentor or instructor.
  • Give technical assistance for projects involving procurement.
  • Endorse the execution of programs to optimize spending on procurement.
  • Analyzing costs and data, identifying reoccurring stakeholder needs, and incorporating the findings into agreements.
  • Making note of key points discussed while attending meetings.

Education & Skills

Procurement Internship Skills:

  • Outstanding writing and spoken communication abilities for regular interactions with internal clients.
  • Strong analytical perspective, competent to interpret data and build narratives from large databases.
  • The capacity to work alone, pick up new skills, tackle challenges, and exert wonderful gestures and self-motivation.
  • The capacity to manage several jobs in a time-pressured context.
  • Fascinated by how technology influences society and the economy with a focus on emerging technologies and the digital revolution.
  • A decent command of other languages including Italian, French, and German.

Procurement Internship Education Requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or an Associate’s in Supply Chain Management, Business (such as Finance or Management), Market Research, Manufacturing, or a Science-related discipline (Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Statistics, Biochemistry, or Bioengineering).
  • It is advantageous to have prior exposure to Procurement.
  • Familiarity in Logistics, Procurement, and Supply Chain projects from previous internships, jobs, or employment would be highly advantageous.

Procurement Internship Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

My name is Frank, and I attend the University of Brooklyn as a rising sophomore. Through one of my instructors at Brooklyn University, I learned about the position and criteria for a Procurement Internship. I’m overjoyed to be applying for the available MSD Procurement Internship position. My current academic goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Finance. I intend to work in consulting post-graduation to ultimately join a major corporation as a Procurement Consultant.

My resume is linked, and you can see that I work hard to seize every chance that comes my way. I have improved my organizing skills this semester by juggling my numerous leadership jobs and challenging courses.

Here are some of my key highlights:

  • Effective Communication Skills: In my role as a residential advisor, I often connect with a batch of 60 students via online correspondence, social networking sites, and in-person interactions.
  • Powerful Negotiating abilities: In my role as Alpha Beta Chip’s VP, I have worked as an intermediary with resorts and food establishments to plan huge events comprising between 200 and 300 invitees.
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite: I instruct Excel fundamentals as a Substitute Teacher for Quantitative Approaches. I am familiar with VBA and macros, and I can use Solver to address optimization issues.
  • Structured and Punctual: I have mastered the skill of juggling my academic obligations and after-school commitments as a full-time scholar pursuing 20 credits while also managing a basement, a class, and an organization.
  • I recognize the value of offering internal partners top-notch service.
  • To emphasize the fact that everyone engaged in the procurement cycle is content and gratified, I’m invariably prepared to go over and above.
  • I am briefed about the most recent methods of procurement, and I have faith in my abilities to find and negotiate the best prices for the business.

I believe I will indeed fit into the safety-conscious, customer-centric, and accountable culture of MSD. It is my responsibility as a RA to look out for my students whilst still holding them responsible for their deeds. I plop down and have a conversation with a student if they are choosing actions that wouldn’t be ideal ambassadors for our basement family. My responsibility as the VP of my club is to prioritize the satisfaction of the fraternity altogether. Overall, I feel that my credentials would make a significant contribution, and I am eager to get the chance to study under the dedicated team at MSD.

Appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I am forward to speaking with you for an interview. I can be reached by phone at [Insert Number].

[Your Name]


  • Manifest your enthusiasm for the procurement sector.
  • Show off your capacity for problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate to potential employers your capacity for critical thought and innovative problem-solving.
  • Show off your organized abilities.
  • Before sending in your cover letter, spell-check it.

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