Restaurant Host Cover Letter Example

Busy Restaurants often hire a host to greet and guide customers. Restaurant Hosts will receive the guests as they arrive, show them their reserved table, and engage the guests. They ensure that the meal is served and that the customers return satisfied. To do this job well, you should be willing to manage flexible working shifts and be comfortable standing for long periods.

Write your perfect Cover Letter with our free Restaurant Host Cover Letter Sample and expert writing tips. Need something super quick? Make use of our easy-to-use builder to do the work for you. As a Restaurant Host, the person will greet customers, and take them to their reservation table. They complete various duties like putting unreserved guests on the waitlist, showing them the menu, and showing them their seats. They also handle phone calls, and customer queries, and assist the restaurant staff whenever needed. The overall job objective of ensuring excellent customer service is the main motive of these hospitality workers.

Restaurant Host Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Restaurant Host Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Greeting customers as they enter the restaurant.
  • Helping guests with reservations, and guiding them to the table.
  • Providing customers with a menu and answering their questions.
  • Optimizing seating at different tables.
  • Ensuring workload for wait staff.
  • Giving guests accurate wait time estimates and informing them when the seat becomes empty.
  • Answering reservation and cancellation calls, and guiding the guests properly.
  • Explaining or assisting the guests in menu selection.
  • Providing exemplary guest service.

Education & Skills

Restaurant Host Skills:

  • A positive attitude and good interpersonal skills.
  • Good communication skills, and phone etiquette.
  • Flexibility in alternating shifts.
  • The ability to stand for long periods.
  • Strong memory power.
  • Knowledge of using POS.

Restaurant Host Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Prior work experience in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Host Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

I write this job application to present my candidature for the role of Restaurant Host available with ***. I have been working in the hospitality sector for the past 5 years in several capacities, and have developed a unique skill set to manage greatly the guests, and this with my strong acquittance to get along with any type of customer enables me to be a valuable addition to any restaurant I work for.

My core strength includes enjoying working with people with a customer-centric approach. Moreover, I am a detail-oriented person who can go to any extent beyond my service parameter and help the guests by assisting them and providing them with the solution they want from us. I understand Restaurants can be successful only if the customers leave the premises happily. And, I am happy to provide this satisfaction to them, and also quickly respond to their queries and help them immediately.

At my current workplace, I carry out the following duties and responsibilities –

  • Greeting and seating customers/guests as they arrive and providing them with the menu card.
  • Recommending the menu of the day, assisting them in picking from the menu, and adhering to the special requests of the customers.
  • Ensuring a clean and organized table is provided to every incoming table guest.
  • Properly arranging the cutlery and ensuring that it is clean and hygiene.
  • Enthusiastic and personable approach allowing me to provide superior service.
  • Strong memory power to memorize and recollect the available menus for the day saving 15% of the time for customers in picking up the menu.
  • Excelling as a host for ****, taking reservations for special parties, and events, and helping the team in arranging the theme and set up.
  • Developing strong relationships with customers, and generating repeat business, while being professional, genuine, and courteous at all times.
  • Demonstrable communication and interpersonal skills, with strong abilities to motivate team members.

I strongly feel that my prior work experience, along with my steadfast commitment to customer service, will allow me to deliver my best at ***. I look forward to speaking with you in further detail about my qualification and the position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


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