Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

A Senior Graphic Designer is responsible for the overall graphic designing project success. From concept to delivery, these professionals oversee the process and ensure the timely delivery of the assignment to clients. Hiring managers often look for skills such as – knowledge of graphic design, and the ability to ensure high-quality graphic content from job applicants.

While you bring life into your graphics, allow us to bring life into your cover letter. Use our specialized Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter Samples, and follow the tips provided by our professional writers to write a cover letter! Nothing looks as attractive as a graphic design, and the impression that it creates on the viewer is also beyond comparison. A Senior Graphic Designer is a specialized expert who makes powerful and appealing designs and supports the advertising and marketing team.

Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter example

These experienced designers work on various materials including books, computer games, websites, and advertisements. Using computer-aided design software, and various applications, a Senior Graphic Designer brings expectations and requirements into reality through graphic designs.

What to Include in a Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Planning and organizing all facets of the design projects.
  • Ensuring delivery of high-quality and original artwork.
  • Suggesting and making creative alterations to projects.
  • Assigning tasks and reviewing submissions of Junior designers, and interns.
  • Coordinating with the design team in generating new and innovative design ideas.
  • Assessing the productivity and quality output of the design team.
  • Maintaining the voice and brand of the company by adhering to quality standards.
  • Communicating with the marketing and sales team while creating promotional graphics.
  • Liaising with freelance service providers like Illustrators and Cartographers.

Education & Skills

Senior Graphic Designer Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of design software like Adobe Creative Suite, and Adobe Fireworks.
  • Familiarity with graphic design techniques and the latest trends.
  • Strong sense of color combinations, font, and layout.
  • The ability to supervise and manage team members and freelancers.
  • Multitasking abilities.
  • Good analytical and decision-making skills.

Senior Graphic Designer Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or Illustration.
  • A successful portfolio of all design projects.
  • Experience as a graphic designer or visual designer.

Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

As a long-time fan of your company, and with my passion for graphic designs, styles, and techniques, I was elated to see your opening for the Senior Graphic Designer role. I have strong background and experience in graphic designing, and implementing marketing campaigns. These combined with my educational background, and recent work experience in *** would help me to take up the Senior Graphic Designer role in your company, and contribute to the success of the firm’s goals.

Highlights of my accomplishments as a Senior Graphic Designer include –

  • Spearheaded ***’s operations by developing and executing a wide range of successful print, e-marketing design products, and multimedia.
  • Designing and implementing on-message, and effective creative projects and services from scratch till completion for **** and ***clients.
  • Experience in various design software applications with the ability to effectively collaborate with peers, and senior management teams.
  • Training and leading top-notch design teams throughout the design project lifecycle from conception to execution for sophisticated clients including (list clients).
  • Received numerous awards for my talent and creativity in delivering graphic designs.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Adobe programs including MS Word, and simultaneously with Mac and PC platforms.
  • Master’s degree in *** from ***University.

Your job ad states that you are looking for someone having full command over all graphic software, programs, and tools, and I am highly creative and organized in this. I always look for challenges and I find *** to be an equivalent match for me. My ability to add quirk and uniqueness to each of my designs and my ability to come up with enthralling designs make me an excellent fit for this role.

If my skills match your requirements, please contact me at () or mail me at () to schedule a meeting. I look forward to learning more about the Senior Graphic Designer post.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]


Now that you are ready and need tips to write your cover letter, there are a couple of things that you consider before you write your resume –

  • Highlight your strength and knowledge by listing the fields and concepts you are proficient with – you can mention your Adobe skills, and your ability to create graphic images for websites and social media.
  • Mention your skills and qualities in designing programs – to prove this you have to consider adding qualifications such as “I am an expert in HTML, Adobe Illustrator”
  • Even though your CV mentions your education, give a short note about your education, research experience, volunteer work, and exchange mobility.

These tips and examples stated in this article should help you get started. You can also use our Senior Graphic Designer Resume Samples and make your resume writing easier.



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