Tax Auditor Cover Letter Example

A Tax Auditor is a financial specialist that is responsible for inspecting the finances of individuals and companies and ensuring that they comply with federal, state, and local tax laws.

They perform in-depth audits of financial records and documents, including bank statements, tax returns, and other materials. Tax Auditors will typically work during the filing season, when they are examining tax returns and investigating discrepancies.

In order to get a job as an Tax Auditor, you need to write a great cover letter. Use this free Tax Auditor Cover Letter Sample to help you stand out from the crowd and land the job.

Tax Auditor Cover Letter example

Most tax auditors work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the Department of Treasury, but others work for state departments of revenue or city governments or Private accounting firms.

A tax auditor makes $92,000 per year on average, and the job outlook for a tax auditor is expected to grow by 13% over the next 10 years.

What to Include in a Tax Auditor Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations.
  • Prepares, maintains and files various tax returns.
  • Reviews accounting records to ensure accuracy of information.
  • Develops and implements taxation policies and procedures.
  • Resolves issues relating to complex tax problems.
  • Provides guidance on new tax legislation and regulatory changes.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Education & Skills

Tax Auditor Skills:

  • Experience in data collection and analysis, information management, and accounting.
  • Ability to organize, maintain, and present data in a clear, concise manner.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to clearly convey technical information to non-specialists.
  • Strong work ethic and professionalism.

Tax Auditor Education Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting or other field of study related to tax preparation is usually required. A master’s degree or a certificate of completion from an accredited institution is often preferred.

Tax Auditor Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing this letter to apply for the Tax Auditor position that I found advertised on [website name]. I am confident that my qualifications in tax auditing make me a great candidate for this position.

At present, I work as a Tax Auditor at [company name], where I have been since [date]. In this role, I am responsible for conducting audits on individuals, businesses and other groups to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. As an auditor, I am able to utilize my analytical skills and attention to detail to identify discrepancies in tax filings, follow through on cases and close them appropriately.

Some of my achievements in this role include:

  • Audited over 400 businesses in the county with 100% accuracy and compliance for each.
  • Helped simplify the audit process for two farm clients by offering them a streamlined, affordable option to file their taxes.
  • Trained three junior auditors on how to identify potential tax violations and how to report them correctly.
  • Performed complex audits on a regular basis in order to ensure that all data is accurate and up to date.

I am excited about the opportunity that you have posted with your company as it would allow me to showcase my familiarity with state and federal laws, my ability to work independently and also my communication skills. I believe my experience in tax auditing makes me a perfect fit for this position, and I hope that you will consider me as a candidate.

Thank you very much for your time, consideration and forthcoming response.

[Your Name]


When writing a cover letter for a Tax Auditor position, you want to show your attention to detail and ability to find errors. The cover letter is the first place to do so, so make sure it is reliable and error-free. You should also identify what makes you stand out from the crowd and why they should hire you over someone else. Then, use these skills in the areas of your resume or CV that highlight them.

Once you’ve written a great cover letter, it’s time to start working on your resume. Refer our Tax Auditor Resume Sample for more tips on how to write your resume and accompany it with a strong cover letter.



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