Best 150+ Power Verbs to Level Up your Resume

Best 150+ Power Verbs to Level Up your Resume

For an effective resume, action verbs are important to establish your technical proficiency for the job. Power verbs must not be generic, as it must establish your technical proficiency to outsmart the other candidates. If you want to upgrade the professional worth of your resume, it is best to start by including relevant power verbs to level up your resume.

150+ Action Words That will Make Your Resume Awesome

Power verbs are impactful verbs that paint a commanding profile of you in the eyes of the manager. Eloquent power verbs in a resume emphasize your competency to the reader by emphasizing your job roles and responsibilities.

If you are wondering where or how to use power verbs in your resume, our instructional guidance on ten Places to Uses Power Verbs will help you.

I. You Designed The Goal

To elaborate on making or designing the project goals in your past jobs, you must use the following power verbs in your resume.


Planned and Administered 4500 Polio Vaccinations in 7 Days as the Head Nurse in Gujarat 2011

  1. Launched
  2. Spearheaded
  3. Developed
  4. Charted
  5. Devised
  6. Founded
  7. Created
  8. Built
  9. Obtained
  10. Conceived
  11. Structured
  12. Researched
  13. Introduced
  14. Dispatched
  15. Approved

II.  You Led the Team to the Goal

The following power verbs used in the resume condenses your technical skills that improved the staff or team relations and for processing the target goals.


Demonstrated Staff Behavior through Seminars that resulted in 15% Increase in Output

  1. Implemented
  2. Pioneered
  3. Organized
  4. Mediated
  5. Demonstrated
  6. Taught
  7. Rebutted
  8. Stimulated
  9. Controlled
  10. Orchestrated
  11. Cataloged
  12. Allocated
  13. Diagnosed
  14. Coached
  15. Centralized

III. You Led the Clients to the Goal

For an executive position, you must lead the clients or your employers towards the target goal too. Power verbs for resume below will help you emphasize your claim.


Endorsed Clients to Formalized Innovative Marketing Reforms

  1. Validated
  2. Lobbied
  3. Oversaw
  4. Executed
  5. Delegated
  6. Portrayed
  7. Brokered
  8. Reconciled
  9. Engineered
  10. Capitalized
  11. Established
  12. Proved
  13. Reviewed
  14. Incorporated
  15. Negotiated

IV. Your Responsibilities Towards the Goal

Your key competencies and duties that help in implementing the goal are your responsibilities towards the goal. To prove your superlative efficiency in past jobs, use the following power action verbs in the resume-


Supervised Ten Teams of Interning Doctors in Cardiology and Surgery for 3 Months

  1. Sustained
  2. Forecasted
  3. Directed
  4. Enhanced
  5. Motivated
  6. Expedited
  7. Audited
  8. Generated
  9. Outpaced
  10. Systematized
  11. Redesigned
  12. Organized
  13. Managed
  14. Nursed
  15. Programmed

V. You Improved the Team

Power verbs for managers and executives that describe the technical skills that improved the team are listed below. It is necessary to include improvisation power verbs to emphasize your creativity and technical experience in managing teams as sought by the employer.


Replaced Ten Staff with less than 2% Productivity after assessing Past Records in 2 Weeks

  1. Transformed
  2. Revamped
  3. Redesigned
  4. Renovated
  5. Rehabilitated
  6. Resolved
  7. Reviewed
  8. Outperformed
  9. Replaced
  10. Analyzed
  11. Discovered
  12. Screened
  13. Standardized
  14. Tested
  15. Solved

VI.  Your Customer Relations towards the Goal

Good power verbs such as the below are effective to validate your skills of introducing the product to the customers. Your expertise of expressing the product benefits as well as managing customer-client interactions form the backbone of these power verbs.


Mapped Negative Customer Feedbacks by Identifying Customer

  1. Fostered
  2. Mobilized
  3. Boosted
  4. Yielded
  5. Mapped
  6. Identified
  7. Investigated
  8. Quantified
  9. Campaigned
  10. Corresponded
  11. Revitalized
  12. Facilitated
  13. Guaranteed
  14. Targeted
  15. Dissected

VII.  Your Communication Skills Saved the Goal

Harvard power verbs that help to clarify how well you coordinated with the staff or your team to explain the target goals are dependent on your communication skills. For any candidate, power verbs that elaborate the communication skills are considered mandatory in a good resume template.


Conferred with a Team of 6 Engineers to Redesign Cost-Efficient Plans for Rural Residential buildings

  1. Collaborated
  2. United
  3. Clarified
  4. Inspired
  5. Aided
  6. Partnered
  7. Itemized
  8. Inspected
  9. Enforced
  10. Authorized
  11. Persuaded
  12. Publicized
  13. Chaired
  14. Lectured
  15. Counseled

VIII. You Succeeded in attaining the Goal

Impactful Power Verbs that highlight your roles in succeeding in your technical targets are listed below. These verbs are useful to outsmart the other candidates and securing your position as the best candidate.


Outperformed the Forecast Targets with 5% Sales Increase in a Span of 30-Days as Textile Manager

  1. Overhauled
  2. Mentored
  3. Formalized
  4. Achieved
  5. Accelerated
  6. Expanded
  7. Outpaced
  8. Aligned
  9. Forged
  10. Secured
  11. Commanded
  12. Formulated
  13. Calculated
  14. Moderated
  15. Proved

IX. You Introduced Creativity to the Goal

Words that establish your superior expertise in achieving targets in your past jobs are important to the recruiter. Power verbs to use in resume writing to demonstrate creativity for a variety of jobs are listed below.


Reshaped a Team of 4 Microbiologists to Address Advanced Goals of Bacterial Microbiology

  1. Coordinated
  2. Mastered
  3. Assembled
  4. Shaped
  5. Operated
  6. Computed
  7. Addressed
  8. Conceived
  9. Invented
  10. Illustrated
  11. Extracted
  12. Surveyed
  13. Detected
  14. Evaluated
  15. Navigated

 X. You Profited the Goal

Verbs that help in shining light on how you exceeded the expectations of the forecast target establishes your technical proficiencies. Power Verbs for job seekers that will help the employer buy your claims in a resume are as mentioned below.


Executed Innovating Plans that Saved 12.61% Production Costs for a Construction Company

  1. Secured
  2. Updated
  3. Balanced
  4. Guided
  5. Enabled
  6. Exceeded
  7. Streamlined
  8. Saved
  9. Consolidated
  10. Maintained
  11. Fielded
  12. Arbitrated
  13. Strengthened
  14. Installed
  15. Performed


If you compare power verbs from resume samples, you will notice many exclusive verbs that concisely relate to the technical skills in the field. The golden point to remember is to begin each bulleted point in your achievements and skills section with a power verb. As a bonus tip, do not repeat the same power verbs in one resume.

Power verbs give personality and action to your profile. Using the right power verbs is necessary to increase your professional worth in the eyes of the employer. Moreover, don’t you want the recruiter to read you as a competent and exceptionally skilled professional?

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