How to Add a QR Code to Resume

How to Add a QR Code to Resume

Undoubtedly, QR Codes are sassy and capable of making your resume stand out in a crowd. It can make any profile look tech-savvy and modern to the hiring manager. Moreover, if you’re a mature employee fed up with age discrimination, add a QR Code to resume to make your profile look cool and youthful on the resume!

What is a QR Code?

A 2D Quick Response Codes, often referred to as the barcode, QR code is used to direct the reader to an exclusive website, page, image, video, PDF, App or even a VCard when generated. It is a customized way to direct the recruiter to credentials that cannot be listed on a resume.

Considered hip and trendy in Japan, QR Codes on resumes are beginning to appear all over the world nowadays. The easy to make barcode can be transmitted to the recruiter by scanning the QR Code using his or her phone.

Types of QR Code

Creating your own QR Code is effortless using popular software or websites such as KAYWA or QRSTuff. With these computer skills, create your own QR Code or Custom Message in seconds. All you need to add a QR code to your resume is by downloading the barcode and adding it to the resume, in print or digital.

To start with, pick a QR Code that applies to the job application and your resume.

Popular QR Code Formats: PNG, JPG, SVG and EPS;

1. VCard QR Code

The easiest way to share your contact details with the recruiter, VCard or Virtual Business Card connects your contact information such as Phone Number, Name and Email Id to the recruiter via a virtual business card. The best thing about using VCard on the resume is it can be directly saved to the recruiter’s phone book.

As VCard QR Code contains contact details on it, there is no necessity of the internet as well!

2. URL QR Code

Most of the QR codes used on Resumes are typically URL barcode that redirects the reader to a website, or other information, where details of the candidate are expanded. The Dynamic QR Code Link can include a website to an image, video, document, and even social media page links or portfolios to give the employer a clearer idea of how you qualify for the job role.

3. App QR Code

For android ad developers, there is no better way to showcase a portfolio in a resume than using a QR Code on the resume. More importantly, the downloadable address of your App details is saved within the Barcode. Therefore, interested recruiters can easily download and rate the app, regardless of their phone model and it with the other patrons.

Candidates can link to any App store with the same QR Code as the App QR Code automatically finds the compatible store according to the Operating System on the recruiter’s device. Moreover, the direct App URL ensures that the recruiter analyzes your app, without r distractions.

4. Facebook QR Code

If you’re a candidate with a huge fan following on Facebook, it is best to let your recruiter know your digital celebrity status. Facebook QR Code on a resume can be used to give the recruiter’s a glimpse of your personal life.

5. PDF QR Code

To optimize and display your resume and candidature details in a mobile-friendly way, regardless of the phone of your recruiter, PDF QR Code will help. It can be, viewed, scanned or downloaded, without having to carry the document on you during the interview. Post scanning, recruiters also get 24/7 access to your PDF file. Moreover, even if you decide to edit, revamp or update the PDF file, you can use the same barcode for other jobs!

6. Image/Video QR Code

An easy way to showcase product pictures, as well as company images or a portfolio of your profile, is using Image QR code in the resume. When the recruiter scans the Image QR Code, the picture is directly saved to his or her phone, without having to go through the downloading process.

7.  Email QR Code

The perfect way to compel the recruiter into sending you a response or follow up is by using the Email QR Code in the resume. Email barcode can be edited to add subject and message options automatically, by the creator or the user.

8. MP3 QR Code

From verbal greetings to mastered audio files, MP3 QR Codes are ideal for creating a personal approach to the interview. After scanning, the recruiter can directly play the audio on the phone, automatically sans downloading.

9. Plaint Text QR Code

For those of you who want to encrypt or showcase a plain text that is out of context in a resume, Plain Text QR Code can be used as it can create up to 4200 characters.

10. SMS QR Code

Akin to Email QR Code, SMS QR Code can be used as a contact request with phone or email details of the candidate, additional to the customized message.

Ways to Add a QR Code on your Resume

A novel way to increase the professional value of a resume, QR codes can also be added when your resume entries exceed the standard length of resumes. Most resume writing coaches advocate that QR Codes can also be used to share personal and professional details that cannot be disclosed in a standard resume.

We have compiled the easiest steps to create a QR Code for the resume in the following section.

· Define your Motive

Does the QR Code increase the value of your candidacy?  If the application refers to a technical job role, it is wise to add a QR code to highlight your profile details exclusive to the job.

· Choose your QR Code

Depending on the type of detail you want to share with the recruiter such as Image, Audio, Plain Text, LinkedIn Profile Link or any one of the 16 types of QR Codes, you can choose the specific Code that applies to the resume or job.

· Create your QR Code

Using any of the many QR Code builders online, make a barcode for your resume after assessing sample technical skills and accomplishments.

· Insert a Positive Message

Your Custom Landing Page from the barcode must open with a positive and clear greeting for the reader as well as proceed to professional and personal glories from your job history.

· Place it Where it Can be Seen

It is recommended to place the QR code on top of the resume or at the end, for easy viewing, scanning, and use.


From movies to restaurants and gadgets, everything comes with a unique Resume QR Code nowadays. Although new on the resume formats, QR Codes are ideal to impress the reader, especially if you are a technological professional or suffer from age-bias.

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