How to Write a Resume Title or Headline with Examples

How to Write a Resume Title or Headline with Examples

Resume Title is a brief phrase that condenses your core competencies and technical background to make you perfect for the position offered. Place the title of your resume on top of the page, underneath the name, designation and contact information.

Guide to Write a Perfect Resume Title

Have you ever been lured by an attractive headline in a newspaper or online ads? Learning the right way to spike your resume title also magnetizes the recruiter’s attention right away!

A bold and technically sound resume title comprises of technical keywords that positions you as an exceptional candidate for the job offered. The resume title meaning is to make the manager find the relevant skills and experiences that make you the best candidate quickly. Hence, you must be clear in your motive, and impressive enough to the reader for outwitting the other candidates.

The golden point to remember is that the lack of a good resume title and subtitle coaxes the manager to dig into your resume haphazardly and most probably, end up without citing your best skills!

To create a perfect resume headline, begin by using your previous resume as a rough draft for self-assessment to do the following-

1. Analyze the Job Description

Comprehending the keywords and the responsibilities sought by the employer in the job description gives you a clear idea of what you need to propose in order to qualify for the position. Review the job description multiple times and note down core keywords and technical duties to include in your resume headline.

2. Find your Key Skills Relevant to the Job

You must find and condense the core competencies from your past that compels the reader to explore your resume ahead. Keeping your focus on the core technical skills that match the job description is your aim of referring to skills in the resume title.

3. Mark your Relevant Accomplishments in Past Jobs

Every technical skill adds in your resume title model must have a solid-background of professional experience that complements it. Hiring managers are impressed with Resume titles in one line that briefly lists multiple achievements relevant to the job.

4. Your Creative Quotient that can Profit the Employer

A resume heading that highlights your Creative Expertise in the industry also impresses the hiring manager, proves your competency and outsmarts the other candidates. Your prior flexible and remote work experience during crucial times can emphasize your technical proficiency as a contender for the title of the resume.

5. Research Diversely and Intensively

It is imperative that you collect a diverse variety of resume samples to write a unique resume that drafts a competent profile in the eyes of the manager. Hence, you must decide on one consistent format, style or tone that fits your career graph and resume.

Examples of Top Resume Titles That Gets Noticed

As your motive is to present an attractive resume title that outwits others and overwhelms the manager, the following examples of adjectives, technical terminologies and structure of resume headers will expand your comprehension.

Resume title ideas from sample formats will train you to write catchy resume title that gets you the job.

1. Deadline-Driven IT Manager with 7+ Years Experience in IT Forensics and Viral Marketing
2. Bi-Lingual Tuition Teacher skilled in High School Mathematics and Science Crash Courses
3. Multi-faceted Sous Chef with Offshore Hotel and Catering Experience
4. Compassionate and Energetic Nursing Graduate with Two Papers Published in National Nursing Journal
5. Hardworking Engineer with a Proven Record of Designing Residential Buildings in Risk Zones
6. Successful Data Architect with 5+ Years Experience in Database Design and Modelling
7. Amicable Sales Representative with Linguistics Degree and 3+ Years as Receptionist for L’Oreal New York
8. Multi-faceted Veterinarian with 11+ Years in Rural Villages and Doctorate in Animal Husbandry
9. Attractive and Energetic Theatre Actor with a Record of Award Winning International Performances
10. Army Veteran with Dual Degrees in Law and 5+ Years Experience as State Advocate

Tips to Write an Attractive Resume Headline

A resume is a brief glimpse of your career graph while a resume headline is a gist of your key skills and achievements that make you the perfect professional for the job. Seasoned professionals with extensive experience must condense their skills to make the best resume title that lures the manager to read the rest of your CV.

1. A mix of Personal and Professional keywords

The best way to position you as the best fit for the job in the header is by referring to the specific technical keywords used in the job description by the employer. Adding a personal adjective to the resume header is also excellent for proving your personal passion and commitment towards the profession.

2. Divide your Resume Title into Two Parts

After dividing your resume headline into two parts, you must use the job title in the recruiters’ description as the first part. Here, you must add an adjective that applies to your personal achievements respective to the roles and responsibilities required by the job title. The second part of the resume title must translate the core skills and responsibilities sought by the employer for the job title.

3. Customize the title for every job

Every job demands specific skills that differ from job to job. It is true that customizing your resume title for every job application is daunting, but the same also helps in positioning you as the best candidate for the job.

4. Remove Generic or Cliché words

The motive of a resume title is to outwit the other candidates and answer the responsibilities sought by the employer instantly.
For example, adjectives such as “good” or “Able” are derogatory to a professional resume as it makes your competencies sound ordinary without sans highlighting on your exceptional qualities. In lieu, using relevant adjectives such as “Energetic Graduate”, “Strategic Manager” or “Amicable Counselor” will add extra weight to your resume header.

If you want to captivate the recruiter’s attention in a moment, a catchy resume title must be a vital part of your resume. As a bonus tip from resume title examples for freshers and experienced candidates, always capitalize your resume title to upgrade its professional points.

Good Luck!

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