Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter Example

An Account Receivable Administrator ensures that the company receives the payments for their services and maintains records of these transactions. He performs general accounting tasks to ensure tall the various transactions are properly recorded as per the company policies.

The importance of a cover letter often goes unnoticed. A well-crafted cover letter will help you stand out among the other candidates. To increase the chances of getting the desired job, use our Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter sample and customize it according to the company you are applying to.

Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The typical duties of this position include verifying the accuracy of receipts and invoices, posting them and looking for any discrepancies, maintaining detailed records of financial business transactions, and entering data into computer programs.

  • Contact clients as needed to ensure payment of outstanding invoices.
  • Reconcile any irregularities in receipts.
  • Work collaboratively with accounts payable and other accounting staff to ensure accuracy in finances.
  • Audit all receipts on a determined schedule to ensure accuracy in the accounting.
  • Generate and deliver reports to different departments as needed.
  • Actively investigate and resolve irregularities in both incoming and outgoing payments.

Education & Skills

Successful Cover Letters to the position of Accounts Receivable Administrator mentions the following skills:

  • Knowledge of accounting principles.
  • Proficiency working with accounting programs and other computer software.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Mathematical and Analytical ability.
  • Team-oriented working style.
  • Ability to deliver work on time with great attention to detail.

Successful cover letters for an Administrative Office Assistant often mention the following qualifications:

  • An associate’s degree in accounts, finance, or any other relevant field along with proven work experience in the accounting field.

Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr/Ms.,

This is in regards to my job interest in the post of Accounts Receivable Administrator at [XXX Company]. With a strong educational background and experience of over 10 years in the accounting field, I believe that I am an apt candidate for this role.

[XXX Company] is a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for the Print and Publishing Industry. The strength of the company lies in its ability to source products not easily available in the market. It would be a great experience to work in such an environment that values diversity, hard work, and creativity.

I am highly committed to providing my expertise in business analytics. I have unparalleled experience in the accounting field with over 12 years of working with a diverse set of firms and clients. At every juncture, I have delivered professional service in maintaining and improving the Accounts Receivables.

Currently, I hold the position of Accounts Receivable Specialist at [YYY Company]. I hold the following responsibilities at the company:

  • Maintain proper billing systems and manage billings, collection and apply customer remittances.
  • Set up and maintain customer accounts.
  • Monitor customer accounts for discrepancies, non-payments, and delayed payments.
  • Perform account reconciliations.
  • Maintaining monthly financial sales and procurement reports.
  • Assisting in general accounting responsibilities with adherence to confidentiality and company principles.

I have great abilities to self-organize and prioritize projects based on needs. I have experience working with multiple projects and tight deadlines. I believe I will be able to provide a valuable contribution to your firm.

I am looking forward to hearing from you to discuss my candidacy and qualifications.

[Your Name]


Your Accounts Receivable Administrator Cover Letter should adhere to the instructions provided in the job posting. If the recruiter has specified any format for the cover letter such as PDF or Word doc, stick to it. Use our Accounts Receivable Administrator Resume Sample to create a good resume to go well along with the cover letter.



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