Airport Driver Cover Letter Example

The job purpose of an Airport Driver is to drive and transport passengers to and from airports. These professional drivers are responsible for transporting people who need travel services to and from the airport mainly. To ensure success in this role, the person should have a very good knowledge of the local roads and also have the ability to use the latest navigation techniques like GPS and traffic pattern apps.

The cover letter that garners the most attention should be short yet cover all the vital aspects that a hiring company is looking for in an Airport Driver Cover Letter. Use our Airport Driver Cover Letter Samples and get an opportunity to set your document apart from your competitors.

Airport Driver Cover Letter example

Working mainly for companies including travel agencies, and taxi services, an Airport Driver is responsible for picking up and dropping passengers to and from the airport. These professionals drive and transport passengers/clients to their destination which can be hotels, houses, or offices. Various other related tasks can include – ensuring the safe delivery of passengers, assisting them with baggage and local sightseeing, and assisting passengers in reaching their destination on time.

What to Include in a Airport Driver Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Ensuring timely and safe transportation of passengers coming and traveling to the airport.
  • Assisting passengers with their luggage and other transportation items.
  • Providing information to passengers about local sightseeing places, or other related travel details.
  • Ensuring adherence to all safety protocols.
  • Monitoring the traffic and weather conditions constantly.
  • Following traffic rules and regulations and speed limits as prescribed.
  • Adhering to all security regulations pertaining to travel, and airport rules.
  • Checking the vehicle status and maintaining them in proper working condition.

Education & Skills

Airport Driver Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of the local area routes, and places.
  • The ability to use various navigation techniques.
  • Strong communication skills with rich English-speaking fluency.
  • Physical stamina to lift and move heavy items of passengers.
  • Multi-tasking abilities.
  • The ability to follow the verbal and written instructions as given.
  • The ability to adhere to driving and traffic rules as applicable to the country.

Airport Driver Education Requirements:

  • Clean and good track record of driving.
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Professional driver’s training from a reputed driving school.
  • Valid driver’s license – Current.

Airport Driver Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

It is with great interest I write this letter to apply for the open Airport Driver Position that is currently available with (Company Name). With more than 10 years of driving experience working for several sectors and multiple clients, I am more than confident that my professional experience and skills will make me an ideal candidate for this role.

I am currently working for (old company name), and I am responsible for transporting clients/passengers to and from airports (list the name of various airports). I am a strong multitaskers and I am open enough to load and unload the luggage of passengers, and I am also adept at assisting elderly passengers. I assure you that my track record of transporting passengers on time and in a safe manner till now will be an added asset to your company.

As an experienced chauffeur, I have to my credit the following accomplishments, that make me the best suit-

  • 100% record of safe, reliable, and timely transportation services.
  • 0% track record of accidents or any incidents during my last 10 years of service as a limousine driver.
  • Successful completion of more than 3000 trips, which includes 2900 airport trips, including pick-ups and drop-off service to remote airports like ( list the airport name).
  • The ability to foster a strong and healthy relationship with passengers by providing them with travel-related information.
  • Familiarity and ability to use GPS and the latest navigation systems to navigate the airport quickly.
  • Staying updated with airport parking and security check regulations.
  • Trained and guided more than 10 new drivers, which increased the company’s star rating, and customer satisfaction.

Apart from my professional experience and training, I am proud to state that my ability to work confidently along with my time punctuality will add value to your company. I am strong at planning things well in advance, and can hence manage my time efficiently. Additionally, my English-speaking skills are well-toned and professional which allows me to communicate with any type of passenger easily.

I am confident that my time management skills, customer service skills, and my ability to deliver a high standard of service to your company and its passengers will allow me to bring in the same name as I did for my previous companies. I look forward to discussing this position in more detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


While you are writing a cover letter for your Airport Driver role, it is vital to keep the document concise while not compromising on highlighting your relevant driving skills, and experience. Showcase to the reader how you can be different from other applicants by specifying your track record of success, and credentials relevant to the role. Additionally, research the hiring company, and match them with your unique skillset or qualifications. Lastly, maintain a positive and professional tone throughout your letter.

For riveting resume writing tips, refer to our Airport Driver Resume Samples here!



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