Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter Example

Assistant professors in English are scholars who have recently finished a Doctorate or Master’s degree in the field of English. Regularly, they carry out research in the area of English and teach undergraduate courses.

When applying for this job, be sure to list all of your previous experiences that speak to your relevant skills and abilities in your cover letter and make it as concrete as possible. To create a powerful cover letter, use our Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter Sample and follow our guidelines and suggestions. Assistant professors in English are involved in activities such as curriculum development, student mentorship, research, writing, and so on. Their responsibilities vary per institution, but they all strive to expand their knowledge and understanding of English through lecturing, research, and volunteering.

Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Carrying out study-related research, publishing the results in peer-reviewed publications, and presenting the outcomes at conferences.
  • Checking for plagiarism in exams, term papers, and journal articles submitted by students.
  • Contributing to university, school, and department committees to help influence courses and policies.
  • Creating course materials like handouts, syllabi, and homework tasks.
  • Creating new courses or revising current ones to accommodate changing student or faculty needs or interests.
  • Planning and presenting lectures on subjects related to the field of expertise to graduate and undergrad students.
  • Giving students performance feedback to assist them to enhance their writing abilities and understanding of course materials.
  • Keeping up with industry developments through participating in seminars, workshops, conferences, and other opportunities for professional growth.
  • Teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in their area of expertise, such as linguistics, creative writing, composition studies, or English literature.

Education & Skills

Assistant Professor in English Skills:

  • A growth attitude and strong networking skills.
  • A thorough comprehension of and enthusiasm for the subject topic.
  • Articles that have been published and academic credentials.
  • Excellent abilities for mentoring and teaching.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and a strong presentation.
  • The ability to work extra shifts and regularly travel.

Assistant Professor in English Education Requirements:

  • A Doctorate or Master’sin English.

Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms,

Upon hearing of the requirements for a new English Assistant Professor post at your company, I decided to submit my CV for your consideration. I believe that I possess all the necessary skills to join the team and contribute significantly to the provision of English Assistant Professor. I was working as an English Faculty for seven years at XYZ Institute.

I completed my Master’s Degree in the English language from XYZ College. I am particularly skilled in creating lessons, delivering lectures, managing assignments, and leading both group and individual research projects for English subjects. I have polished my communication and creative abilities by teaching students from different, which has encouraged me to increase my student’s attention, involvement, and engagement.

The following are some of my qualifications –

  • Taught more than six batches of students, helping them improve their English grades by 30%.
  • Created and implemented special English language programs and curricula that offered the students an engaging teaching strategy.
  • Constantly learn new technologies and virtual tools for explaining better to the students.
  • Assisted many undergraduates and graduates with their academics, performance, career guidance, and internships.
  • Invited to many conferences and meetings conducted by other institutions.
  • Awarded the best faculty award by the management for excellent teaching skills.

I love to teach, and I am dedicated to encouraging my students’ intellectual and personal development. I am a committed learner and researcher as well. I have written many poems and articles, and my work in the English language has been published in many prominent magazines and digests.

The chance to join as the English Assistant Professor at ABC University excites me. I think I can help the university fulfill its mission to provide top-notch education and research. I am looking forward to our meeting so we can talk more about this opportunity.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

[Your Name]


Show your hiring manager what you’re capable of with your Assistant Professor in English Cover Letter. Some pointers to consider when writing this cover letter include:

  • Before sending your cover letter, make sure it is error-free.
  • Demonstrate to your company that you can operate under pressure and that you have strong technical skills.
  • Examine the job posting to determine the abilities that the employer is looking for in job seekers.
  • Give instances of your previous experiences and emphasize your interpersonal skills.
  • Highlight your experience as a teacher and how you might enrich the department.
  • Showcasing the classes, you’ve taught and the evaluations you’ve had from learners.
  • The cover letter should be simple yet insightful, allowing the hiring manager to learn more about you.
  • You can highlight all of your accomplishments and track record of success in your career.

Now that you have written a powerful cover letter, your next target should be your Resume writing. You should focus on your resume after creating a strong cover letter. You will stand out from other candidates with a resume that has been so well-researched and structured. View our Assistant Professor in English Resume Samples that match your cover letter.



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