Beauty Therapist Cover Letter Example

A Beauty Therapist is a trained professional and specializes in beauty treatments of both the face and the body. The therapist studies the skin and related issues of the client before performing an advanced skin treatment or recommending skincare products.

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Beauty Therapist Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Beauty Therapist Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The Beauty Therapist working in a beauty clinic is in charge of answering all the beauty-related questions of the client, ensuring the equipment used for the various treatments are sterilized and well maintained, recommending skincare or hair care products, performing a variety of facials and massages using modern equipment.

  • Explaining all treatment procedures to clients.
  • Performing various skin treatments according to clients’ needs, such as peels, facials, and skin rejuvenation treatments.
  • Providing manicures and pedicures.
  • Offering clients advice on cosmetic and skincare products.
  • Properly sterilize beauty tools and equipment after every use.
  • Ensuring that used inventory is replaced.

Education & Skills

A Beauty therapist must have the following skills:

  • The therapist must have excellent communication skills to ease the customer.
  • Trustworthiness goes a long way as clients open up about their body issues to their therapist and expect them to be discreet.
  • Hand and eye coordination for certain procedures, especially facial procedures are important.
  • They should have the good physical stamina to perform for the entire day.
  • They require better time and stress management skills to fully satisfy the customers and provide a luxury service.
  • They must possess an artistic flair to envision what suits the clients and a thorough examination of the client’s skin.
  • Explaining in detail the treatment procedures.
  • She should not feel averse while working with clients who are obese or are having a bad odor.
  • A beauty therapist must keep updating her skills and must be flexible to learn new techniques and procedures.
  • She must have dedication and must work hard to be successful.

A Beauty Therapists Cover Letter Includes the following qualifications:

  • A license to practice beauty therapy.
  • A level 2 or level 3 capability in beauty therapy
  • A diploma or Postgraduate diploma from CIDESCO estb. 1946 (The World Standard for Beauty & SPA Therapy)
  • And specializations in the various available options to develop a niche example such as make-up artistry, media make-up, etc.
  • Course in marketing and sales.

Beauty Therapist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms. [Manager’s Name],

Miss Tara, a regular customer at your ABC’s Salon [Salon Name] recommended I apply for the post of a Beauty Therapist which is also posted on the local job portal. She happened to avail of my services during her distant cousin’s wedding and was thoroughly impressed by my customer service and friendly flexible approach.

I love working with people and my excellent communication and marketing skills are the reason for my clientele base. They trust my analysis of their skin and allow me to recommend products that have proven to work wonders for them. My attention to detail and artistic fervor help me envision the best possible outcome for my clients.

In these 8 years as a beauty therapist, I have provided my customers with luxury spa services while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and quality products. My resilience to stress, people-friendly nature, strong work ethic along managerial skills will be an advantage for the salon in increasing revenue. Please consider the following highlights of my work experience:

  • My regular clientele base results from me providing comprehensive beauty services.
  • I have expertise in waxing the whole body, hair styling, and a minimalist make-up approach.
  • I pay attention to the client’s requirements and my suggestion of beauty products is a hit.
  • I have set up sales drives to draw more customers and come up with ideas like a suggestion box to improve the service furthermore.
  • I have assisted customers by enhancing their looks through make-up.
  • I study the products thoroughly and try myself before making a suggestion or using it on the clients.
  • I have worked with the salon manager and staff in improving methods for services such as lash extension, extensive use of aromatherapy during massages, and also eyebrow plastic.

My experience is not only advising clients but also teaching them about using products that will come in handy. I am sure I will be a perfect match for the role of Beauty Therapist at your esteemed salon. Through dedication and hard work, I ensure that I will grow your business substantially.

Thank you for your time and consideration and looking forward to discussing my expertise as a beauty therapist.

[Your Name]


  • Make the letter tailor-made to the job description mentioned in the advert.
  • Ensure to give a positive impression overall.
  • Proofread it before sending it.
  • Mention recommendations from clients and previous employers to stand out.




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