Freelance Artist Cover Letter Example

A cover letter presents your capabilities to excel in the job role to the employer. Therefore, all job seekers must send cover letters along with their resumes. Your Freelance Artist Cover Letter should display your key features such as creative and artistic mindset along with your ability to complete the assigned project within the deadline.

We have a Freelance Artist Cover Letter Sample for you to draw your employer’s interest towards your candidacy.

Freelance Artist Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Freelance Artist Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

Freelance Artist Roles and Responsibilities:

A Freelance Artist is a self-employed art professional who specializes in art and craftwork such as painting, landscaping, creative colleague, 3D sculptures, etc. He is required to invent catchy and innovative ideas in order to grab available freelance projects. Interacting with prospective clients, understanding clients’ requirements and deadlines conducting research on the topic specified by the clients are the 3 initial steps of acquiring a freelance project.

Following are the key responsibilities of a Freelance Artist to start the project:

  • Creating a sample of concept layout.
  • Get it reviewed and approved by the client.
  • Register on needed software.
  • Negotiate with clients on the project budget.

Another primary object of a Freelance Artist is to retain the client base in order to make a fair amount of money.

Education & Skills

Freelance Artist Skills:

  • Uniquely talented to stand out from other freelancers in the pool.
  • Incredible creativity to illustrate the clients’ ideas in graphical layouts.
  • Capable of self-promotion.
  • Exhibiting previous work portfolios.
  • Time management to work on multiple projects and complete them without breaching timelines.

Freelance Artist Educational Requirements:

  • Graduation in fine arts or similar field.
  • Well maintained and 100% complete profile on freelancing portals.
  • Proven experience as a fine artist (full-time/freelance).
  • Proficiency with computer graphics, photo editing software.
  • Incredible understanding of different forms of artwork.

Freelance Artist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./ Ms.,

I want to express my interest in the open position of a Freelance Artist to work with your art firm. I have been working as a full-time Freelance Artist for over 3 years and served almost 30+ clients. My ability to timely deliver the project and creative mindset to paint brilliant stuff on the canvas makes me stand out from the crowd.

Highlighting the steps below, I tend to perform when I take up a new project:

  • Conduct research of the available freelancing projects that are in congruence with my specialization.
  • Bid on prospective projects.
  • Reach out to clients via email or social profiles.
  • Present previous successful work portfolios to prospective clients.
  • Understand their project needs and discuss their budget.
  • Work on sample layouts/graphic illustrations.
  • Once approved, get access to the required software.
  • Prepare and share the work invoice in a specified format after successful completion of the project within the time limit.

Thank you for taking a look at my candidacy. I have included my resume to share insight into my educational background and a brief of my previous projects. I am available to discuss the project responsibilities at your convenience.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]


Quick Tips For Freelance Artist Cover Letter For Candidates With Experience:

List your proficiency with image editing software and unique color sense will help the project owner understand your worthiness.

You can take references from our Freelance Artist Resume Sample to earn freelance projects online.



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