Funeral Arranger Cover Letter Example

A Funeral Arranger works with the family of the deceased and provides funeral arrangement services – embalming and cremation services. These workers organize and help the deceased’s family in execution services and make sure that the services align with the family’s religion and customers. As this is a highly sensitive area of work, applicants for this role are expected to have complete knowledge of all aspects of grief and possess extraordinary interpersonal skills to interact carefully and respectfully with clients.

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Funeral Arranger Cover Letter example

Funeral Arrangers work closely with funeral directors and funeral coordinators to establish plans for the funeral, while simultaneously managing housekeeping duties and ensuring health and safety procedures are carried out correctly in funeral homes. It is the job duty of these individuals to work within the local community on charity and fund-raising tasks.

What to Include in a Funeral Arranger Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Planning funerals, and working with the family and friends of the deceased in making decisions and arrangements.
  • Having obituary published, securing pallbearers, and making transportation arrangements
    Booking clergy to speak.
  • Arranging for the body of the deceased to be transported.
  • Providing emotional support to the deceased’s family members.

Education & Skills

Funeral Arranger Skills:

  • Compassion and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Working closely with people who are in mourning.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  • Counseling skills.
  • Physical ability and stamina.
  • Maturity and mindset to work in such conditions and atmosphere.

Funeral Arranger Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in funeral service or mortuary science.
  • Training or coursework in funeral management.

Funeral Arranger Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Your posting for a Funeral Arranger immediately caught my eye, as this is a highly delicate role, and I want to be a part of this profession ever since I was a youth studying in college. Upon researching ***, I discovered that your company is reputed for providing funeral services and has earned a name among the *** population due to your integrity and compassion for the deceased’s family members.

My background, vision, and experience in the field parallel with your company’s goals, and my natural ability to bring support and comfort to the deceased’s family members in such a grieving situation is something you can count on.

I currently work as a Mortician Assistant at the *** and I am responsible for the following duties –

  • Offering support and counseling to family members, relatives, and friends of the deceased.
  • Planning efficiently ceremonial services concentrating on the religion, and customs of the deceased.
  • Completing and submitting all required paperwork and legal documents.
  • Discussing and planning funerals with people who prefer prior funeral arrangements.
  • Experience in preparing death certificates, legal paperwork, and obituaries.
  • Creating a personalized memorial with an apt music video suiting the wishes of the family.
  • Working towards a degree in mortuary science.

My CNA qualifications along with my empathy and understanding to deal directly with grieving families would prove to be an immediate contribution to your **** service. I am available to meet you at your earliest convenience to discuss my candidature in further detail. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


The Funeral Arranger Cover Letter for college graduates comprises a brief tale about your experience, physical ability, and job-related skillset. A Fantastic resume gives you an opportunity to express your suitability for the vacant role. With our Funeral Arranger Resume Samples, you can get an idea of how to make your resume riveting.



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