Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter Example

Emphasize your excellent communication & soft skills, results-driven attitude, and ability to work under pressure in your cover letter as the recruiters gauge your professional personality to match the expectations. An Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter must encompass the candidate’s standard traits to get selected in the initial stage of the interview.

The following Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter Sample will offer you professional help to create your cover letter. His role also involves managing the recruitment of appropriately qualified candidates, training, and supporting them to perform their duties in compliance with the standard procedures. In addition to it, he is responsible for evaluating the staff’s performance and appraising them accordingly. He checks for the requirement of pest control and periodically inspects the cleanliness of the premises.

Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

An Executive Housekeeper is required to administer efficient housekeeping operations and oversee the housekeeping staff. He establishes daily operation standards and makes sure that his team adheres to them same. He schedules a plan to assign duties to the housekeeping employees for regular days and weekends. He also takes care of the requisition supplies and procures them within the assigned budget.

Education & Skills

Executive Housekeeper Skills:

  • Outstanding customer service skills to fulfill the relevant requirements of customers.
  • Excellent negotiation skills to purchase inventories.
  • Display professional ethics is an asset to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • HR skills to recruit qualified candidates.
  • Remarkable interpersonal skills to coach new hires.

Executive Housekeeper Educational Requirements:

  • Secondary School Diploma.
  • Diploma in Tourism or Business Management.
  • Previous housekeeping experience.
  • Understanding of necessary accounting skills.

Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I want to put forward my interest in the available position of Executive Housekeeper with your organization. I am confident to accomplish all the expectations associated with the position. Outlining my significant contributions to the current organization below:

  • Responsible for handling and controlling the cleanliness of the hotel premises.
  • Inspect every rooms’ hygiene is meeting cleanliness standards.
  • Forecast budget for housekeeping inventories.
  • Closely watch for the requirement of pest control.
  • Establish and implement hygiene standards.
  • Produce reports for upper-level reference.
  • Address and prioritize guests’ complaints.
  • Recruit, train, & supervise housekeeping staff.
  • Assess the performance of staff in order to recommend their appraisal.
  • Schedule weekly work assignments for the staff and oversee the same.
  • Regular hygiene inspection of the entire hotel.

Fulfilling above listed chores on a daily basis has prepared me to apply my technical skills in order to improve the housekeeping department and become a valuable source to your team.

I’ve attached my resume in order to share an overview of my educational background and work history. I am looking forward to having a chance and discussing my unique experience to support the Executive Housekeeper Department. Thanks for considering me as a candidate.

[Your Name]


You should mention the infinite spark illuminated to see the vacancy of the particular job role in order to create your visibility to the prospective employer. Your resume must focus on the skill set and professional experience relevant to the expectations of the job profile. Refer to our Executive Housekeeper Resume Sample to create a solid resume of your own.



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