Medical Writer Cover Letter Example

A Medical Writer helps the medical industry and medical professionals by producing high-quality medical texts for a variety of clients, including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical research organizations. To ensure success in this field, the incumbent should have strong knowledge of health matters and be able to research and write a variety of medical documents, materials, and journals.

If you are seeking a Medical Writer job, then you should have strong experience in writing for medical purposes, including manuals, journals, reports, and presentations. You should also have an excellent flair for writing and be able to adapt to various writing styles as per the requirements. Looking to find an attractive cover letter? Have a look at our below Medical Writer Cover Letter Samples which are written by industry experts!


Medical Writer Cover Letter example

Medical Writers are specialized professionals having experience in writing medical-related documents. These professionals are called upon to write medical journal articles, book chapters, and patient leaflets. Medical writing covers a spectrum of disciplines including educating the general public about healthy lifestyles, and awareness about the ongoing pandemic and other common diseases.

What to Include in a Medical Writer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Interviewing doctors, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical companies about their experience and various treatments, clinical trials, and procedures.
  • Drafting stories based on conducted research and including medical terms and references backed up by evidence.
  • Adding graphics when necessary to support and illustrate points, and texts.
  • Proofreading final drafts before it is published.
  • Formatting stories, into various formats and making them suitable for the targeted audience, including patients, and providers.
  • Working with documentation specialists for cataloging important documents.

Education & Skills

Medical Writer Skills:

  • Proficiency with MS Office applications.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking abilities.
  • A firm grasp of medical terminologies.
  • Familiarity with the regulatory documents from the FDA.
  • Medical training.
  • Excellent research skills.

Medical Writer Education Requirements:

  • An advanced degree in creative writing or journalism.
  • Medical experience as a doctor, nurse, or technician.
  • Strong portfolio of published articles.
  • Experience with the preparation of clinical documents.

Medical Writer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a long-time fan of *** company, and with my passion for medical writing, I was elated to see your opening for the Medical Writer role. I have strong background and experience in writing medical articles. These combined with my educational background, and recent experience in **** as their Medical Writer would help me to take up the Medical Writer role of your company, and contribute towards the success of the *** goals.

Highlights of my accomplishments as a Medical Writer include:

  • Organized and prepared various research documents, manuscripts, and articles on a vast variety of medical subjects, giving extraordinary writing services to a lot of biotech companies, pharmaceutical firms, and other healthcare providers.
  • Quite competent at assuring relatable and approachable language for non-medical readers as well as experienced in writing content that is highly scientific for medical audiences.
  • Liaised with several academics and key opinion authorities to improve correct publication strategies.
  • Knowledge and experience in writing, editing, and publishing regulatory protocols.
  • Worked and researched patient narratives, clinical study reports, and investigational plans in research areas such as pharmaceutical, surgical, and biosciences.
  • Served as the chief medical writer for ***** from the year **** to *****.

As a Medical Writer at ***, I enjoyed dealing with the latest, innovative medical topics and the out-of-the-box thinking that was needed to write medical content. My strong grammatical skills and my knowledge of most aspects of medical sciences will enable me to become an ideal candidate for this role.

If my skills match your requirements, please contact me at ( ) or mail me at ( ) to schedule a meeting. I look forward to learning more about the Medical Writer post.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]


When you are applying for the medical writer role, it is crucial to showcase your writing skills. To illustrate this, you have to provide specific examples of your work, including the articles you have written, reports you have edited, or even just emails you have sent. In case, you had received any certificates and awards, be sure to list that in your cover letter. This will convince the employer and make him/her know that you have the skills and experience necessary to do the job well.

Looking for matching resumes, use our Medical Writer Resume Samples, and amend them to suit your job application.



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