How to Properly Decline a Job Offer & Examples

How to Properly Decline a Job Offer & Examples

Job offers are always gladdening as you stand out amongst the multitude of candidates who were interviewed and you were chosen as the best fit. This is evidence of your ability, interview adeptness, and potential. However, there may arise a situation wherein you want to decline the offer. The first question which strikes after this thought “How to decline a job offer?”. It may seem to be strange, but there may arise a situation where the job offer may not be a good fit for the candidate. There could be numerous reasons such as the candidate may have accepted another job offer, unable to reach current goals, inadequate compensation offered by the company, medical reasons, or inability to relocate from the current location.

You have a shot, either you ignore the offer or politely reply to the company about your inability to accept the offer. Of course, I’ll suggest the latter, trust me, declining a job offer must be undertaken with tact and diplomacy as you don’t want to lose any suitable opportunity with the company in the future. After deciding upon the second option, read further to explore how you can decline the offer politely.

How do You Politely Decline a Job Offer?

You must be sincere enough to communicate your decision to the recruitment team, let them know that you are thankful to them for selecting your CV and interviewing you but be sure you don’t sound unctuous. You can either communicate by placing a call or write an e-mail/letter to the company expressing your inability to join them. Write in a brief about your reason which must be convincing and comes from careful consideration. Here we have provided different ways on how you can decline a job offer politely.

How to Decline a Job Offer for a Low Salary?

When you realize you deserve a higher salary, you are well within your right to take another job. However, it is suggested that you inform the company well in advance in a respectful way. It is required for a strong reputation and professional ethics.

Before taking the final step, ask these questions to yourself with your instinct:

  • Is this my final decision because in the future there will be no turning back?
  • Will my decision change at any point in time soon?
  • If I compromise on my salary now, will this job take me to the required destination in the long run?
    Finally, if it a yes to leaving the job, here’s what you should do:
  • Let the company know about your decision soon and considerately. Do not disrespect the time invested by the company on you
  • Calling the recruitment team is the best medium to give your final verdict, but email/letter may also work
  • If you are interested in the company for future aspects, tell them you would love to stay in touch with them for future endeavors

How to Reject a Job Offer Because of Salary – Example(Text-Version)

Ted Smith, Personnel Director
Vital Aids Ltd.
35, Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
April 30, 2020

Dear Mr. Smith

I would like to thank you for offering me a job as a Media Consultant in your organization. After careful consideration, I have decided to decline your offer. I have weighed the offer carefully and have concluded that an annual salary of $25,000 is not enough for my financial needs especially when I live in a place like San Jose, California. Considering my position and future growth in this profession, this is a difficult decision.

I thank you for giving me your valuable time and look forward to suitable future opportunities in your company.

Dave Mason

How to Reject a Job Offer Because of Salary – Sample



How to Decline an Offer After Accepting It?

You must not worry if you have accepted a job offer and want to decline the same for a better opportunity. Even if you have accepted the position offered to you, can still decline it without burning the bridges. But you are suggested, you must weigh the offers twice before you decide as it may have an impact on your professional reputation.
If you are confident to reject the accepted opportunity, read further. Do what you have read before, even if you are rejecting the accepted opportunity, be appreciative of the time and resources which the hiring manager spent on you.

While expressing gratitude for the job offer, specify the reason(s) for turning down the job opportunity as the company deserves to know the same. It would be appreciative if you call the manager to explain everything or an e-mail/letter may also do the job, it is a key to a positive relationship with the employer(s). The final step, decide to make up your mind for any negotiations.

How to Decline a Job Interview with a Letter?

As discussed in the previous section, you can communicate your inability to accept the job offer over the call, which is preferred but you can even write a letter to the hiring manager. The letter was written must be written in a polite tone and finish on a positive note so that you may not lose any suitable opportunity in the future.

Sample Letter Declining a Job Offer (Text-Version)

Ted Smith, Personnel Director
Vital Aids Ltd.
35, Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
April 30, 2020

Dear Mr. Smith

I’d like to thank you for offering me the position of Media Consultant in your organization. After much consideration, I have reached the conclusion that I shall accept the offer from another company where at this point in my career the position I have been offered aligns more closely with my interests, potential, and continued success.

I sincerely appreciate that you took out your valuable time to take my interview and offer me this role. It was a pleasure meeting you and your team. I would like to stay in touch with you at LinkedIn to share social media practices.

Kind Regards
Dave Mason

Sample Letter Declining a Job Offer



Turning Down a Job Offer E-Mail Sample

Subject: Job Offer – Dave Mason

Dear Mr. Ted Smith

I thank you for offering me the position of Media Consultant in your organization. After careful consideration, I have reached a difficult conclusion of declining your offer as I have accepted another position in a company where my interests and potential will be a better match.

I enjoyed the dialog with you and your team and want to thank you for taking out your valuable time to conduct my interview process. I enjoyed the warmth of your staff and would like to keep in touch via LinkedIn to share social media best practices.

Best Regards
Dave Mason


All major scenarios for declining a job have been discussed, but it is very important to use your intuition and instincts to assess whether the decision taken will be fruitful or not. Try not to reject the job offers often as you may miss out on the powerful and positive stepping stones to your success journey. Explore the job opportunities offered to you and then make a balanced decision.


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1). Is it OK to decline a job offer?
A. Why not, we work for the appreciation in our professional life. It is easier to write letters declining an offer you have just received than accepting the same you have previously declined. Just make sure you do not burn the bridges while you decline an offer, do inform the hiring manager.

2). What are three reasons you might decide to decline a job offer?

  • Salary: That is why we are working! If you are not appreciated with the salary you deserve, you can indubitably quit.
  • Relocation: Even though salary may seem to be a primary reason while deciding on offers, relocation still holds the prime importance as your life settlement extremely depends upon it.
  • Schedule: After location, the schedule is the next important aspect of accepting the offer. According to BlueCrew’s survey, 26% of candidates reject the job offers due to an unsuited schedule.

3). How do you know when to decline a job offer?

A. When a person reaches the stage of clarity and mustered the courage, he/she is ready to take a leap. Apart from the reasons stated above, there are three more which hold a considerable part in the job rejection pie chart:

  • Communication with the manager is unprofessional and a negative experience
  • The terms and conditions do not match the ones divulged while hiring
  • The position offered may not appreciate your career in the future

4). What to do if you get a job offer but are waiting for another job?

A. Juggling more than one job is not surprising, now it is you who has to decide whether you want to burn the bridges or not. You can tell your hiring manager that you are definitely interested in the position but you also want to consult with your family, this reason can buy you few days to wait for the offer you are interested in.

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