Big Data Developer Cover Letter Example

A Big Data Developer is charged with the duty of managing and analyzing large data sets. These experts use their knowledge to invent trends and patterns and help the business in making better decisions. Hiring managers typically look for candidates having skills and experience in this field to work as Big Data Developers.

For many of the applicants writing a cover letter for a Big Data Developer job may seem like skating on a thin layer of ice, as they have to choose the buzzwords listed in the JD and match it with their original content while concentrating on not making even a smallest mistake or error. But it is not as hard as it seems to be. A little bit of experience, and proper advice will make your cover letter writing fun and exciting! We have covered a Big Data Developer Cover Letter Sample for your reference. Check out our advice and tips to write a memorable cover letter.

Big Data Developer Cover Letter example

Big Data Developers are hired to code and program Hadoop Applications. The roles vary based on the Client’s needs, however, certain core work activities remain universal and include – installing and configuring Hadoop, developing and designing all Hadoop applications, building Hadoop clusters, pre-processing data using Hive and Pig, and managing data privacy and security.

What to Include in a Big Data Developer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing pipelines to extract, transform and load data.
  • Creating scalable, and high-performance web services.
  • Translating complex technical and functional requirements.
  • Investigating alternatives for storing data and ensuring the implementation of streamlined solutions.
  • Serving as a mentor for the junior staff member.
  • Conducting technical training sessions.
  • Maintaining security and data privacy, and helping in defining data governance policies.
  • Analyzing a vast number of data stores.

Education & Skills

Big Data Developer Skills:

  • Experience with Python, Hive, and Spark.
  • A good understanding of data warehousing and data-modeling techniques.
  • Deep knowledge of Core Java, SQL, Linux, and scripting languages.
  • Strong data engineering skills.
  • Proficiency with Azure cloud platform.
  • Knowledge of industry-wide visualization and analytics tools.

Big Data Developer Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or a relevant field.
  • ETL methodology qualifications and expertise.

Big Data Developer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

As a highly-skilled, motivated, and enthusiastic software professional, I strongly want to join as a Big Data Developer in a company like *** wherein my dedication and skills will be valued, and at the same time I will be allowed to contribute significantly to the advancement and success of ***’s mission.

My 8+ years of experience in the field, along with my Qualifications in Big Data Development will bring about a positive impact on your organization as your new Big Data Developer. While I was working at **** for 5 years, I expanded my skillset and gained experience that enables me now to progress easily in the next step of my career. Throughout my professional history, I have consistently concentrated on working collaboratively with other software developers, front-end developers, and designers to accomplish the assigned project. That said, I excel in database technologies like Oracle and DB2 as well.

Consider the following highlights from my qualifications –

  • Worked alongside the IT Team to install CDH Production cluster, commissioning and decommissioning of data node and name.
  • Evaluated various tools, architecture, and vendor products using multiple big data POC.
  • Developed PIG scripts and transformed raw data into intelligent data for various client’s requirements.
  • Upgraded, configured, and maintained Hadoop infrastructures including Pig, Hive, and Hbase.
  • Developed and deployed Custom Hadoop applications in the AWS environment.
  • Upgraded the Hadoop cluster from **** to **** while working at ***
  • Proficiency in designing and deploying Hadoop clusters and Big data analytics tools.
  • Earned bachelor’s degree in *** from ***University.

Apart from my professional experience, I am a problem-solver, and I can see the big picture when it comes to developing creative solutions. I am a commitment seeker and look for ways to improve the user’s experience. I trust that my skills and experience would be valuable merit to your team. I look for the opportunity to discuss further my qualification in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


With a Big Data Developer Cover Letter created with the above format, you are sure to create a solid impression on your employer. Not with the following tips and tricks, you can significantly increase your chances of getting a call letter –

  • List your area of expertise, your familiarity with various languages, and how you were able to use them in your past workplace.
  • Outline your experience dealing with various big data projects, and how you have helped the team.
  • Demonstrate your passion for Hadoop applications, and your ability to look at the big picture.

After going through our cover letter page, refer to our Big Data Developer Resume Samples for more such tips on how to write a resume and accompany it with a strong cover letter.



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