Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Example

An exceptional cover letter should exclusively state your areas of accomplishments and professional personality to the hiring manager. A Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter must provide clear evidence of your competence to be amongst top applicants for the job position.

The below Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Sample has included key elements to fit into a particular role.

Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of a Desktop Support Technician is to maintain and support the company’s desktops, systems, and computer peripherals. His role involves installing, identifying issues, repairing, servicing, and updating the organization’s hardware and software while ensuring maximized workstation productivity and efficiency.

A few of the responsibilities of a Desktop Support Technician are mentioned below:

  • Assist in the development and execution of new computer projects and along with the installation of new software and hardware.
  • Identifying and resolving complex computer system issues for potential users.
  • Installing, setting up, testing, monitoring, and updating the desktop, hardware, software, computer peripherals, and other equipment to deliver top-notch service.
  • Coordinate with the technical department to ensure the efficiency of the organization’s computer systems.
  • Answer calls, emails regarding computer system-related issues.
  • Make sure that all the network jacks are working properly.
  • Prepare a detailed report and statistics based upon the desktop performance.

Education & Skills

Desktop Support Technician Skills:

  • Ability to perform on-site and off-site analysis to identify desktop-related issues and fix them.
  • Expertise in setting up, and maintaining computer systems and their network.
  • Outstanding communication skills to effectively suggest solutions for IT-related problems and queries.
  • Capable of preparing performance reports based on desktop working.
  • Collaborative attitude to deal with various users and departments on a daily basis.

Desktop Support Technician Educational Qualifications:

  • High school diploma (required).
  • Graduation in a relevant stream (preferred).
  • 3-4 years of prior experience in a similar industry (preferred).
  • Solid knowledge of desktop, its hardware, and software along with the other internal components.
  • Technical understanding of the current standards, and OS.
  • Working experience of related tools, computer peripherals.
  • Capable of comprehending the technical manuals and guides.

Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I am writing to apply for the open position of Desktop Support Technician at ABC Solutions. Being a knowledgeable and highly committed professional along with three years of prior experience in the support industry, I believe that my expertise and strong knowledge base would surpass your expectations from your new Desktop Support Technician.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. My background involves delivering outstanding desktop support service, carrying out on-site and remote analysis, preparing a thorough report based on desktop performance, and gauging system-related issues.

My core responsibilities at XeS Tech are as follows:

  • Installing, configuring, and upgrading the hardware, software, and peripheral devices according to the standard operating procedures.
  • Delivering the equipment to remote as well as on-site users.
  • Provide assistance to the users in their initial login to the new computer systems.
  • Liaise between the PC equipment vendor and third-party support.
  • Diagnose the computer-related issues and resolve them.

I am sure that with my aforementioned KRAs and outstanding analyzing and communication skills, I would be able to contribute to your company significantly. I have attached my resume for your consideration. I am hoping to receive a positive response from your end.

[Your Name]


Be thoughtful while quantifying your skills as stating unprovable claims can lead to the rejection of the application.

Explain your professional attributes that are expected from the employer. You can draft an imperative resume by taking help from our Desktop Support Technician Resume Sample.



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