Disability Support Worker Cover Letter Example

As a Disability Support Worker, you are tasked with the work of helping disabled people coming from all walks of life. Your client can be an elderly individual, a recovering addict, a disabled person, or a person struggling to stay with their family. It is obvious that no two clients will have the same help need! If you are interested in serving such people, then you must first draft a killing cover letter that will impress your hiring employer!

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Disability Support Workers are responsible for helping the aged and disabled people with a wide range of daily support tasks. They assist disabled individuals with personal hygiene facilitation, shopping, food preparation, coordination of social events, household chores, and providing mobility support.

Disability Support Worker Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Disability Support Worker Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Helping with customer independence and quality of life.
  • Working with clients’ homes and providing both physical assistance and emotional support.
  • Assisting people to perform important daily activities.
  • Facilitating daily personal hygiene.
  • Dressing up services.
  • Ensuring a varied program of social activities.
  • Providing emotional support and companionship.
  • Undertaking tasks outside the home including shopping, accompanying to parks, hospitals, and trips.

Education & Skills

Disability Support Worker Skills:

  • Resilience and communication skills.
  • The ability to work both independently and as a member of the team.
  • The ability to use your discretion.
  • Strong listening and observation skills.
  • Knowledge of performing basic housekeeping tasks.
  • Honesty and dedicated.
  • Commitment to time punctuality.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Passion and love to help others.

Disability Support Worker Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Prior work experience dealing with the old or disabled population.

Disability Support Worker Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

After learning about the ***opening for Disability Support Worker, I hastened to submit this letter and enclosed resume. I had always admired the care and support that you are constantly providing to the aged and disabled people, and the recent publication in *** magazine about your “We care- We serve” program caught my attention. I see that **** is looking for someone empathetic, well-grounded and passionate, and based on my previous experience, I trust that I am the perfect person for this role.

My background includes serving for more than 10 years at ***, wherein I participated in various services from counseling patients to providing them appropriate care and assisting in providing the needed resources. I have also supported patients in completing their day-to-day tasks, and I have experience in maintaining detailed records, as well as supporting physicians, and medical staff across various facets of patient care. I have excelled in these specific areas – helping patients with their specific needs, facilitating meetings, accompanying patients to and from examination rooms, and communicating with cross-functional staff.

Highlights of my experience include –

  • Worked as a disability support worker over the past 5 years at *** in ***. As I have now relocated to ***, I want to contribute the same service of helping people as much as I did at my prior workplace at your ***.
  • I was regarded as the most trustworthy worker while I was working at ***, I shouldered the responsibility of handling challenging clients at the request of our Director which was referred due to my strong background in serving my previous clients.
  • I am a certified CPR and First aid professional having completed several other courses relating to cognitive development, and psychology at ***which had helped me foster a positive relationships with various clients.
  • Proficiency in various languages including – French, Spanish, and German; enables me to support clients who speak these languages.
  • Experience working with bed-ridden clients, and my immense physical stamina and strength make me capable to handle even those who are confined to wheelchairs.
  • Expertise in providing support to patients with conditions such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, and COPD.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from ***University.

In addition to these, I can encourage patients to move and walk from bed, and motivate them to participate in various community events, and programs. If provided a chance I can help in creating a productive and nurturing environment for your clients at ***. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss further how best I can support your organization in saving the lives of so many individuals.

Thank you for your consideration!

[Your Name]

Disability Support Worker Cover Letter Example with No Experience(Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

Upon learning of your requirement for a new Disability Support Worker in your esteemed *** facility, I quickly assembled my application. I am a recent social work graduate with outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills, which I have learned and developed during my various internships and volunteering work while I was pursuing my degree. My background in delivering exemplary personal care and support to patients in residential care makes me believe that I would be an ideal person for this role wherein I can contribute to the company and exceed its objectives.

Having volunteered my services towards social work for the past four summers, I am knowledgeable of a wide range of community-based services that are crucial for the elderly and disabled. A couple of the community works that I have gained proficiency in through my education and internship include – psychological rehabilitation, residential treatment, and crisis stabilization.

Some of the areas where I can depict my services include –

  • Caring for disabled patients and helping them with tasks such as cleaning, shopping, and preparing meals.
  • Helping patients maintain social balance by motivating them to participate in community events.
  • Proficiency in conducting age-based extra-curricular activities.
  • Comfortable working with bed-ridden clients and those who are confined to wheelchairs.
  • The ability to maintain a safe environment for patients and provide them appropriate care regardless of their disabilities.

Apart from serving the disabled, I am also proficient in handling administrative tasks associated with this role such as record keeping, accounting, and keeping accurate bed counts. Having said this, I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss further my candidature.

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience! Thank you for your time and consideration!

[Your Name]


If you are a job seeker having no experience in the field, it is likely that hiring employers don’t even respond to your job application. But, instead of giving up, focus on your skills and qualifications.

As far as your Disability Support Worker role goes, you have to prove that you genuinely care for aged, and disabled people, and that you have got the energy and emotional strength to contribute to the role. Here is how to create a compelling cover letter for those having minimal or no experience –

  • Introduce yourself clearly, and demonstrate your skills and qualifications.
  • Use your second paragraph to outline your skills and achievements relevant to the job role.
  • In the last paragraph, mention strongly how passionate you are about serving the disabled and how that can contribute to the position.
  • End the letter with a proper call to action and leave a lasting impression.
  • While crafting the letter make sure to highlight qualities such as knowledge of basic nursing and first aid skills; excellent physical fitness, and your ability to work in shifts.

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