Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter Example

A Red Cross Volunteer who wants to serve the Red Cross people and reach in the community should write a cover letter to the Red Cross committee expressing an interest to devote his/her services to work voluntarily and for a good cause. Our Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter Samples highlight the applicant’s interest, experience, and skills which act as a key factor for further interviews. Have a look at our cover letter tips that follow the cover letter and draft a stunning Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter that fits your exact needs.

A Red Cross Volunteer is accountable for assisting people who are in disaster, poverty, and/or those facing conflict issues. The exact job description is not the same for all the volunteers, while some handle administrative tasks, others take charge of responding to emergencies, and arranging blood for the victims.

Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

The primary job duty of a Red Cross Volunteer is to assist and support the victims in need, participate in fundraising programs, train other members, handle clerical tasks, and assist military facilities.

  • Monitoring the military facilities.
  • Overseeing clothing and food supplies.
  • Cooperating with other emergency response teams.
  • Teaching other members of emergency response teams.
  • Managing clerical tasks.
  • Recording blood donations.
  • Implementing temporary supplies of clothing and food.
  • Encouraging other members of emergency response teams.

Education & Skills

Red Cross Volunteer Skills:

  • The ability to respond quickly during emergencies.
  • Flexibility to work as and when needed.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Being able to use computers.
  • Excellent judgment skills.
  • Patience and good decision-making skills.
  • Passion to help others.
  • Powerful interpersonal skills.
  • High level of physical stamina and endurance.

Red Cross Volunteer Education Requirements:

  • A College degree – though not mandatory.
  • Several years of work experience working as a volunteer.

Red Cross Volunteer Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

With this letter and the enclosed resume, I would like to apply to your world-famous Red Cross Humanitarian Committee as your Red Cross Volunteer. I discovered from your website that you are seeking volunteers for various posts, and I believe that my passion to help others, and my previous experience working as a volunteer for various organizations are a perfect match for your requirement.

Currently, I am offering my free services to (Charitable institute name), and serving the same cause in (Location). Over here, I take responsibility for dressing the wounded, distributing medicines, purchasing medicines, registering names on the doctor check-up list, and recording management tasks. Besides, these services, I also accompany the doctors and help them in stitching, surgeries, and arranging blood for needy patients. I also educate the women in the rural areas and enlighten them about safety, sanitation, and cleanliness.

Some of my other accomplishments and work experience include –

  • Worked as a volunteer in the (School name), and escorted them in camp events, and study tours. I was instrumental in coaching the students and have good knowledge of basic skiing.
  • Assisted the Pharmacy staff while working at (Pharmacy name), and was recognized for my knowledge in recognizing quickly the medicines, I am also well-versed in record management and database management duties.
  • As a dedicated volunteer at (Institute name), I was accountable for developing their company website, as I have a solid Computer Science background.
  • While working for an NGO(Name) for three years, I have saved young children from child labor, and have assisted the management in educating such victims.

All these experiences at various organizations have taught me a lot in terms of knowledge and have widened my horizon of thinking. I strongly believe that “Service to Man is Service to mankind”, and I want to enforce this Philosophy in your organization as well. Additionally, I would like to inform you that I am available to volunteer both during weekend hours, and evenings.

Please feel free to reach out to me via Phone at (Contact details) or email (mail id). Thank you in advance for your consideration and time.

[Your Name]


The strongest cover letter opens the door for many opportunities. Hence, aspirants for this role should create this draft by keeping in mind their ambition, and passion for the field. The ultimate goal should be to attract the employer through this cover letter. Highlight, what is necessary and matches with the specified job description. Our above cover letter sample is a perfect picture of how it should be. Also, for help with resume creation, refer to our Red Cross Volunteer Resume Samples.



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