Tourism Manager Cover Letter Example

A Tourism Manager’s Cover Letter provides additional information that is not mentioned on the resume to the employer. In your cover letter, you have to cover exceptional qualities and highlight all those aspects that add weight to your application. Sending a cover letter along with the resume helps the employer to sort easily and pick the right candidate. Unable to draft an eye-catchy cover letter, use our Tourism Manager Cover Letter Samples.

A Tourism Manager also referred to as a tour manager, or tour marketing manager is responsible for procuring sales of tourist packages, arranging tour packages for clients. The marketing aspect of this job involves creating innovative programs and attracting visitors to a new locale. Developing media content for the website, bolstering local convention centers, and conferences are some crucial tasks undertaken by the Tourism Manager. The role of a Tourism Manager is fluid and capitalizes on the talent of the Tourism Manager.

Tourism Manager Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Tourism Manager Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Maintaining positive relationships with vendors such as hotels, airlines, and car rentals.
  • Negotiating preferred rates with vendors.
  • Planning travel accommodations, booking flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Processing all travel-related documents including visas, medical, legal forms and itineraries, and payments.
  • Supporting travel-related issues.
  • Researching travel deals and evaluating prices and services.
  • Arranging travel accommodations for business visitors.

Education & Skills

Tourism Manager Skills:

  • Knowledge of travel management processes.
  • The ability to build and maintain positive relationships with vendors of direct travel.
  • Experience in the travel industry.
  • Basic understanding of Geography.
  • Good communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong computer skills.

Tourism Manager Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Bachelor’s degree in fields such as Tourism, or Hospitality.
  • Relevant work experience.

Tourism Manager Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Hiring Manager,

The job description for the position of a new Tourism Manager at your reputed *** firm caught my attention and this is one passion I had always had in my mind when it was related to building my career in the Tourism field. I graduated from *** University in ** with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality and have been working since then with the ****.

Working at *** made me gain work experience in various areas including liaising directly with the local operators for promoting tourism, educating the indigenes on how to preserve the culture, developing e-tourism platforms and special events to promote tourism, and so on.

With vast experience in the field, and the following qualifications I am confident that I can fit ideally for the position you are seeking for –

  • Worked with *** for 4 years as a tour guide, and gradually became the tour manager during the *** year.
  • Excellent managerial and planning skills along with a drift to explore new places and help in travel development projects.
  • Managing every aspect of the front of house operations, including overseeing employees.
  • Working directly with vendors and coordinating marketing events to promote new products and drive sales.

From identifying customers’ travel needs to providing them with a breath-taking travel experience, my skills will be transferable in all of the facets of this job. Moreover, I am a fast learner having exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. I also speak multiple languages: ***, ***, *** which gives a cutting edge in terms of communicating with tourists.

My proven experience in hospitality and extensive knowledge of promoting tourism will allow me to thrive in this role and deliver a successful impact on your team.

The chance to talk with you in person to offer more insight into my portfolio would be most welcome. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


While you as a Tourism Manager, provide travel and hospitality information and services to tourists, allow us to help you in writing your Tourism Manager Cover Letter. The above Tourism Manager Cover Letter example can be referred to write any cover letters. You can change the contents according to your requirements, and improve your job search. Also, have a look at our Tourism Manager Resume Samples to match your cover letters.



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