How to Create a Targeted Resume with Example

How to Create a Targeted Resume with Example

A Targeted Resume is quite remarkable for highlighting all your experiences and skills that are relevant to any particular job position you are applying to. When you happen to send the targeted resumes, the resume or a CV is edited and is then rewritten for every job wherein the candidate applies. The targeted resume is followed by the targeted cover letter. The targeted cover letter is written to accompany your CV when you do the job search.

Once you any clear idea about what the targeted resume is, the next thing one should consider is the need for a Targeted Resume.

Why you need a Targeted Resume?

Although the standard resumes have worked for decades, it’s not the same case anymore. Since the competition in the job market has been increasing, many employers nowadays have become quite selective about whom they have been hiring.

As a consequence, most prefer applicants whose credentials are very well matched with any job posting which they are planning to fill. If your curriculum vitae or resume to the job is not relevant, it is likely to be rejected.

Alternatively, hiring managers should concentrate on the resumes of your rivals who have taken the time to develop a better-tailored resume.

You can tailor your resume by customizing which accurately markets your interest as an employee. For aligning with the raising demands of all the open positions, one should tailor all the credentials and the job experience. Apart from that, you need to show the accomplishments that illustrate your interest in a selective way.

With more and more organizations using Applicant Tracking Systems to help them screen job seekers by matching their skills to the specific job they are applying for, it is important to tailor your resume to the job description.

All these customization efforts would ensure that you are having a proper tone as well as a description in the resume for posing you as the right candidate for this particular work.

Steps for writing a Targeted Resume

The important steps job seekers must know to write a targeted resume are mentioned below. Read on to find out the tips to tailor your resume to the job

a) You need to list all the important skills in the resume body

Many recruiters roll their eyes whenever they come across skill sections mentioned separately. It must be avoided as there are chances that this would backfire as one amongst the three employees may auto-reject your resume if they do not check it.

Never get tempted for embellishing your CV if you aren’t a 100% fit. Many employers hire people with the exact experience they are looking for. List all the relevant abilities in your skill sections and also add some substitute skills but keep them limited to 5 to 7

b) Take a look at the job ad

Have proper look at the job ad. Most of the time the job ad is posted along with the resume keywords. So, here you can make use of these keywords for impressing prospective employers.

c) Write in detail about your work experience

  • Find the duties and the skills mentioned in the job posting.
  • Always think about the positive results of your work.
  • Tack on the percentages, figures and other numbers
  • Replace your job title similar to the one mentioned in the job ad.

d) Target the resume summary

  • You need to mention the name of your previous companies.
  • The job title must be similar to the one posted in the job ad.
  • You need to hold the required work experience mentioned in the job ad.
  • You must read the job ad carefully.
  • Write down all the important duties as well as the skills.
  • Mention all your achievements in the resume.
  • Your resume summary must show all the tasks, skills, and duties you have aced.
  • You need to also add all the targeted accomplishments in the resume summary, your educations, and experience

e) Target your education sections

  • Mention everything about your schooling.
  • Write about your certificate courses and the marks you have scored.
  • Write about your projects and other academic achievements.
  • Brainstorm the number of times you have done all these things properly.
  • Mention your marks throughout your secondary, higher secondary, and degree.
  • Always think about the results of the goods work you have done.

f) Target the activities and volunteering

  • Target everything in your resume which is mentioned on the job posting.
  • Mention everything about your extra-curricular activities.
  • Write about your hobbies and anything which you have achieved apart from your profession.

Tips to consider while creating Targeted Resume

You need very little time as well as energy for tailoring your resume for every job that you apply, and it makes clear to hiring managers or some other person checks your CV wherein you fit perfectly for the role.

You need to be mindful and the more you alter and change the resume, there are more chances you making a typo error. Hence, you need to always check properly before you submit your resume to the employer.

Always see that the job is great and also that the organization should be receptive to the application until you spend some time to personalize your application to any particular position.

1) Preparing the core resume

You need to identify the aspect in the history which one can use for tailoring your program based on expertise, experience, knowledge, and abilities. It is a working model. You can make use of as many pages as necessary.

2) Do proper research on various job requirements

Whenever you react to a particular job advertised on various portals, indicate the criteria specified in the job ad.

Do not confuse the tasks of the work with the requirements that are set out. You need to deal with those requirements first and then take a look at how one can show experience or education that suits the essential job duties.

If you aren’t reacting to a particular advertising position but are publishing your resume on the online database, you must try attracting the interest in your candidacy by the investigation of the most frequently requested credentials for the given job or career. This you can do by researching lots of job ads.

3) Customize your resume

Once you compile all your specifications in the tailor-made resume, you need to search your CV and check one can add the secondary things that are mentioned throughout the job ad for improving all your chances and then commence writing.

4) Edit your summary or your profile

You don’t have to rewrite the whole CV to have it tailored for any specific position. Often a few minor changes can have a powerful impact on identifying the strengths in crucial parts of your CV.

The first step is to review the job description carefully so you can be confident that the role is a good match for you, and know what strengths and skills to highlight on your CV.

The easiest way to tailor the curriculum (without changing the entire syllabus) is to include the Review of Qualifications, Profile, or Career Highlights sections at the top of your curriculum vitae. Read the job description and then search your CV.

Learn from the experience, skills, and qualifications that are best suited to your job posting and also include them at the top of your resume throughout the section. You can then list all your experience in the reverse chronological order similar to the generic resume.

5) Writing the custom resume

Another way to customize your curriculum is by editing your curriculum, so the skills and the experience suit your job description or the job ad criteria as closely as possible. Use the keywords that are used in the job posting and also use them in the CV.

Example of matching your resume with the job posting

Sample for the targeted resume

The below is indeed an example of the job posting, together with the sample resume specifically written to apply for that position. You can see how the writer’s resume ensured her highlighted talents were just what the employer was looking for.

Sample for Human Resources Manager

Recruit all workers who are exempt and non-exempt. Orient, the organization’s new employees. Designing and implementing the training and development programs for the employees.

Manage retention programs for the workers. Administer all insurance, benefit, and state-mandated services, including the processing of registration claims, termination claims, unemployment claims, and worker claims.

Let’s take a look at a targeted resume example.

Targeted resume example


  • I am an experienced manager with expertise in project management and human relations
  • I have an extensive background in the retention and recruitments
  • Staff training as well as the development
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Good management coaching
  • Excellent experience in program marketing
  • Contract negotiation as well as compliance
  • Proper knowledge of the state and federal employment law

Program Director

XYZ Company

  • Responsible for the recruitments and supervision along with good performance evaluation in the clinical, medical, and administrative staff.
  • Training provided to enhance performance in the workplace at all staff levels.
  • At the same time, at the Microsoft Corporation completed a two-year certificate program in Organizational Development and Leadership as a recipient of a Merit Scholarship.
  • Registered consultant to the several small companies, law firms, the non-profit agencies, and the school districts on employee arbitration processes, team building, and corporate goals setting as well as achieving.

Educational Qualifications

  • Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) qualification course completed
  • The Whidbey Institute, Heidelberg University of Organizational Development and Management
  • Psy. D at Berkeley University of California Clinical Psychology
  • BA in Philosophy and German

Targeted Cover Letters

You must plan your cover letter along with customizing your resume. Highlighting the qualities of your CV which fits the company requirements is most important.

You will need to explain to the hiring manager that you are a professional candidate. You would only have a couple of seconds to persuade them you should be applying for an interview.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all you need to do is highlight all your skills whenever you write the tailored resume and let the employer know why they must recruit you.

All your credentials must be easily seen; hence you need some time for tailoring your resume and customizing it to make it suitable for any job that you are applying.

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