Veteran Resources

Veteran Resources

It is rightly said “Veterans are Leaders in the box”, and it is the duty of the employers to tap these leadership skills and knowledge of a Veteran. Are you a Veteran? Or, do you want to transit to a new area of work? Do you have plenty of experience serving the Nation? Or are you looking for Veteran friendly jobs? If your answer is “Yes” to these questions, then you should be happy to know that there are plenty of Veteran Resources.

The Veterans Affairs Department and other government agencies are providing an enormous amount of services and programs for veterans, their survivors, and dependents. Apart from availing substantial benefits, the veterans can also reap from the programs and services that are offered and make the best even after their post-military service.

Job opportunities are bright for the Veterans, as more and more employers consider the Service of a Veteran as an asset to their company. Hiring companies have many reasons to hire a veteran, including –

  • Veterans are blessed with intangible characteristics
  • Low cost per hire
  • Veterans are well-aware of the Game
  • Public Relations benefits
  • To serve as a helping hand for the Veterans

Keeping away sentiments, the real reason why companies consider hiring a Veteran is simple and clear – “Because they can be Great Employees”.

Here is the Detailed Guide on Veteran Resources

Veteran Career Resources

A return from active duty as a military or armed forces personnel doesn’t put a halt to your ambition, goals or career! Whether you want to rejoin the workforce or you want a transition into a completely new career, with adequate guidance and support, the Veterans can gradually move into the new phase with ease. Even while the job market is continuing to shrink due to the increasing number of veterans entering into the civilian workforce, the U.S economy is steeply improving and more companies are hiring employees, which is great news for the veterans seeking jobs.

There are actually numerous websites, and guides that provide transition assistance for the Veterans, and these places intend to help the existing and future veterans to find new jobs, study further, seek social help, access medical facilities and many more. But the toughest part is to where to look for the right site that can be resourceful, effective and productive. This guide recommends several pages and websites that help you to connect with all kinds of advice, tools, programs, and information that offer real-world help:

  1. – Looking for a career to match your skillsets and interest? Or, you are looking for a transition from a military career? Then, have a look at this site and get a chance to explore a wide range of websites that offer rich resources.
  2. – This page from the is loaded with information, tips, advice, and tools that help you to get into new jobs. This site has lots of helpful tools and tips that can enable you to leverage your skills and knowledge.
  3. – This dedicated site VA for Vets is an attempt to help the veterans, and military personnel to smoothly transit and find employment within the non-profit and federal sectors. You can browse plenty of sites that offer helpful tools like resume-building help, tips, and career assessment, and you can also know how to market your veteran skills in this competitive work field.
  4. – This site provides Veteran resources, assistance, and information that support the successful transition of military and veteran students as they switch over from GW into new career paths.
  5. – This is a site that helps the duty-bound veterans to succeed in their careers. To support the career development needs, this page provides veteran resources to those who are serving or have served in any branches of the military.

Veterans Employment Resources

The Department of VA provides dedicated service of helping the Veterans and supports them in leading a quality life along with plenty of employment opportunities. Their mission is to provide every Veteran with a productive and healthy lifestyle within their community.

It is not easy to get a job, and mainly it can be a too challenging situation for a Veteran as they transition from their military to a Civilian life and work career. But, with the support of various employment programs and resources, Veterans can be assured of getting a job that can best fit their background and skill.

As a matter of fact, many companies honor the Veterans for their service to the nation and as a token of gratitude and respect, they offer plenty of job positions specifically to the Veterans.

As employers can’t connect with Veterans and Vice Versa, we tried our best and found out some resources that can help in bridging this gap and connect well the hiring companies with appropriate Veterans.

Get a job by searching from these Veteran-friendly company’s resources –

  1.  -The Veterans Employment is an initiative that targets and supports veterans in their transition process into Civilian career.
  2. – Use the site to know about various education and training tools that can help in getting better jobs and to explore various career options.
  3. –  Recruit Military is an excellent platform that connects employers with job seekers. Search and get placed using the various job boards and get an opportunity to work for Veteran-friendly companies.
  4. – This is a program that hires Veterans. Use this platform to explore several programs that are available online and scroll through top sites to connect with employers directly.
  5. – This was developed by Veterans Employment and Training service with a motive to examine Veterans’ preferences and eligibility to get federal jobs. Employment law assistance is provided to small businesses and workers as well.
  6.  – VETS is an effort made to recognize the Veterans, their spouses, and family members. They are pioneers and offer a lending hand to Veterans to find good jobs.
  7.  –  The Veterans’ Preference provides eligible Veterans preference over the other applicants when it comes to new appointments. Even though this is not a resource for getting new jobs, it is a platform that considers and prefers Veterans for other benefits such as promotions, transfers, and reassignments.
  8. – Veterans can use this weblink to gain access to “Application for 10-point Veteran Preference”.
  9. –  There is a job for every Veteran, This site help in finding a job and provides career advice and other services to Veterans.

Job Preparation Tips for Veterans

Apart from providing services like healthcare, education, insurance, and employment services, the VA is helping the Veterans with career advice as well. To promote and encourage this initiative, plenty of online veteran resources are provided below that can help you in various ways such as –

  • Interview Tips
  • Tips on how to face Interviews
  • How to prepare for the Interviews
  • How to avail the services using Job fairs
  • Tips to Avoid mistakes in interviews
  • The secret to staying comfortable during interviews

The phase of transition from military life to a civilian life and work career is a challenging task for all job-seeking veterans. Their major concern is how to face the interview and what are proper interviewing techniques?

Preparing for an interview is as important as military training, as this not only exhibits your talent and skills but also helps the prospective employer to identify you as a good match for the job role. Hence, it is your job to impress the employer by preparing well for the interview.

Our recruiting specialists who are well-versed in hiring for veterans’ jobs, have helped us in listing the following veteran resources which offer some wonderful tips and advice that can help you in your interview preparation process –

  1. –  Get interview tips, know how to face tricky questions in interviews and more such things from this site.
  2. –  Scroll through this site to know about some common questions that are frequently asked and how to answer them.
  3. – Know from the Vet experts some common questions and how to answer them.

Career Resources for Women Veterans

When compared to Male Veterans, it is seen that female veterans are open enough to accept a wide variety of career choices. More than double the time as many opt to work in the Government sectors, included in this sector are state, local and government employment. In fact, even the U.S Government has instituted various initiatives from the Hire Heroes Act to VOW – Veterans Opportunity to Work.

For women who are seeking support, community, education, events, and other resources to advance their careers should know that there are plenty of versatile and dynamic resources available online. To filter the search process and to provide the best for the Women Vets, we have compiled below a list of some excellent online veteran resources, which can help women with their education, job, community, housing, and other resources search process –

  1. – Join today this community to gain access to various services like assistance, advocacy and to participate in media and events. The site guides you to veteran resources and ensures that they receive all the benefits and services which are provided in honor of their brave military service.
  2. – Women Veterans Support targets women vet and support them in their transition into the civil world navigation process. The website helps in determining the needed services, connects them to applicable resources and provided long-term personal support.
  3. – The Women’s Memorial is a great site that runs with a mission to recognize all women who have served in or with the US Armed Forces. Women can contribute and can also experience the collective history of military women.
  4. – Military Women Veterans are honored and given plenty of opportunities. Join the community to know about the Women Veterans of the past, present, and future.
  5. – The American Women Veterans operate online intending to amass a vast number of vital business, job, and education opportunities that are available to female veterans. From childcare resources to homeless resources, one can find all benefits and services over here.
  6. – Women Veteran Alliance is a premier network that focusses on impacting and empowering the quality of life of the Women Veterans. Their energetic grassroots platform connects people with various community resources.
  7. – The National Women Veterans of America is yet another platform that acts as a voice for the women who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces. The site also advocates for rights, issues, and benefits of the Women Vets.
  8. – Get a complete picture and statistics of the Women Veterans, about today’s women veterans, demographic indicators, socioeconomic indicators and more from this web platform.
  9. – Hear from the experts! The Task and Purpose is one great online platform that enables women Veterans to hear things and experience from their community members.

Veterans Education Resources

It is commonly believed that Veterans don’t need much education, but little do we know that Education is very crucial to groom your career mainly in this line – both when you are in and out of the Uniform.

Luckily, the VA education benefits offered by the Department of VA help every  Veteran and their family members to pay their college tuition fees, find appropriate schools, training programs and also to avail career counseling services.

To make the search process easy, we have compiled and listed below various veteran resources, using which veterans can apply and manage various resources and education benefits which they would have earned while in service –

  1. – Most States offer education benefits and programs, apart from the ones provided by the Federal GI Bill benefits. A State-wise listing of education benefits is provided in this link.
  2. – This is a financial guide that provides an overview of various grants and scholarships that are provided to the military service members and their families.
  3. -The US Department of Education gives scope for fostering educational excellence and ensures that all Veterans all provided equal access to various educational resources. The link is an effort made to equip veterans and military personnel to avail such benefits and services.
  4. – The Wharton School helps students in accelerating their education careers through various MBA programs and other courses.
  5. – Visit the page and know more about the GI bill, education benefits, and about various other educational assistance programs.

Veterans Benefits Administration

The VBA – Veterans Benefits Administration offers a wide range of services and benefits to veterans, their family members, and service members. The VBA is set up and operates at almost all major places and ensures easy access to the needed Veterans. Some of the core services provided by these Veterans Affairs include – Compensation Services, pension and Fidicuary service, education services, loan guarantee services, vocational rehabilitation and employment; Appeals management center, and office of transition and economic development.

The Veterans Affairs Department executes various programs that benefit veterans and their family members. It provides educational opportunities, compensation payments for disabled veterans and death during military service, home loans, pensions burials, and healthcare services. Listed below are some of the major program office links within VBA –

  1. – The Jaguars are provided assistance, support, information and other veteran resources that can help them in developing their academic background.
  2. – The Story Country Veterans Affairs is a dedicated platform for Story Country Veterans. The Site helps in successful reintegration into civilian life or community.
  3. – The mission of the center is to collect and preserve all memories of the veterans and record them through interviews.
  4. – This US Department Veteran affair runs innumerable services from helping in search of burial grounds to Veterans Cemetry Grants.
  5.  –  This is a department that manages the complete cemetery listing. The site manages 139 national cemeteries and 40 states and 33 soldier’s lot and monument sites.
  6.  – The mission of this VA affair is to provide support and assistance to 8 lacs Pennsylvania’s veterans and their dependents and family members.
  7.  – This US Department of Veteran Affairs allows veterans to gain access to burial and plot interment allowances.

Financial Resources for Veterans

For the services rendered by the Veterans at the battlefield, and for the Country, the American Government takes extra mileage and offers them access to plenty of financial resources that come with some added benefits like – lower rate of interest, lower credit card interest rates, financial assistance support programs, emergency assistance programs and so on. The following is a list of these financial resources available for Veterans –

  • Veteran Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one outstanding service that every Veteran deserves while during and after service. The VA life insurance provides financial security service for all veterans, their spouses, dependent children, and service members. Listed below are some direct links that can be used to manage your policy, file claims and get the insurance benefits that you would have earned till date

  1. – The Military Wallet helps Veterans to decide the amount of life insurance they need, and what are the other considerations available. A list of various plans is explained here.
  2. – Choose the Veterans Group Life Insurance and gain access to various insurance services, coverage, and policies.
  3. – Several types of life insurance available for the Veterans are listed here. You can even compare the types of life insurance before you can opt for the best one that fits best your needs.
  4.  – Best insurance companies keep changing year after year, so before you can buy one, look through this site and know the top 10 best insurance companies in America.
  5.  – The VGLI is a post-separation life insurance program that enables Veterans to convert their SGLI coverage into renewable term insurance. Know about this over here.
  • VA Loans

The VA home loan is established by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and made available to the Veterans who want a loan for building homes. The VA loans assist Veterans, service members, and their surviving spouses to buy a house for themselves. The VA loans are provided to the Veterans through private lenders such as mortgage companies and banks.

  1. –  A very useful site for all Veterans seeking home loans. Bankrate strives to help Veterans in making better financial decisions.
  2. –  Do you want to buy a new home or you want to refinance a home? This site will help you in this process right from checking eligibility to making you get the home loan.
  3. –  VA home loans are provided to Veterans and eligible surviving spouses. The page also connects you to outside the Department of Veterans Affairs website as well.
  4. –  Know if VA loans are the best financing option. The program provides direct and easy access to financing and other available loan programs.
  • Financial Lifecycle of Veterans

Veterans have served the Country, and their next step is to transit into civilian life. This process is challenging mainly in financial matters. Plenty of resources are available to help every Veteran deal with the financial aspects of life mainly when they are out of their uniforms. Financial resources available online are well-versed in managing the unique financial challenges of the veterans.

Navigating through various departments and to understand the twists and turns are quite complicated, hence we have attempted to give you a direct link to few resources that can help you in making better financial decisions, manage investments, buy homes and plans for retirement.

  1. Military Financial Lifecyle  –  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau undertakes the job of handling all your financial challenges at every step no matter you are in service or out of your uniform.
  2. VA Refinancing Offers -The website gives you advice on how to protect your money and how to be safe when you are taking a loan or financial assistance. A list of tactics and offers to watch out is provided over here.
  3. VA Consumer Resources – A complete list of resources for military consumers is provided in this document.

Veteran Crisis Line

A Veterans Crisis Line is an effort made by the Department of VA to provide a free and confidential resource to all those veterans who need help or who are facing a crisis due to various reasons. This is available for both the VA registered members and VA healthcare enrolled members. The specially trained, qualified and experienced responders of the Veterans Crisis Line will help veterans in crisis irrespective of their gender, age and circumstances.

Veterans may face crisis due to several reasons and there are some cases of suicides as well, hence to deal with this issue and to help the leaders who served the country, the VA Department has come up with this idea of providing various crisis line resources, toll-free and emergency numbers. Listed below are some resources about that –

  1. – Support is just a click away – If you are a service member or retired from service and dealing with the crisis – then you can approach and get 24 X 7 support from the qualified VA responders.
  2. – If you think that you are suffering from any stress or tension or may go into crisis, then take up a quick self-test over here. This is an easy way to know if you are dealing with any kind of issue or not.
  3. –  Only an experienced Veteran will understand what you are going through, and hence this resource is equipped with such qualified Veterans responders who are available all the time to support and assist you in dealing with your problems.

Veteran Transportation Services

The VA recognizes the services of Veterans and hence have come up with a dedicated transportation service section for those veterans who are visually impaired, elderly, immobilized due to disability or any disease, and for those living in remote or rural areas where access and travel to VA health care appointments are challenging and hard. The VTS – Veterans Transportation Service is trying to establish mobility managers at each of the local VA facilities so that it can meet the transportation needs of the veterans.

The mission of the VTS is to ensure that all qualifying Veterans gain access to medical care through safe, convenient, and reliable transportation. Eligible VA healthcare Veterans having an authorized VA appointment are eligible for the VTS programs based on the availability of services to the local facilities. You can find your VTS locations from here –

  1. – A state-wise list of participating VA medical centers in various areas are listed here. Select your state and find your nearest service.
  2. – You can hire a ride over here for a low-cost or free of cost to your nearest VA healthcare facility.
  3. – The source provides a safe and reliable transportation service to and from VA health care facilities for all eligible veterans.
  4. – The VTS is a program that provides transportation services to all eligible Veterans and their family members.
  5. – Get all information about Veterans’ transportation service over here.

Other Helpful Resources for Veterans

Veterans have served the Country, and hence they deserve in return to be taken care of. Keeping this in mind, the VA has organized and arranged plenty of legal help sources that can aid Veterans to deal with their legal issues or problems.

The Legal Services programs target and support every Veteran irrespective of their age, sex or class of income. Legal Assistance is needed to address many issues that affect mainly low-income families including – family law, housing and foreclosure cases, employment and income maintenance, helping military families; consumer issues, and so on.

Some VA facilities assist veterans through the non-VA legal services providers for free of cost. They have collaborated with these service providers to reach every Veteran who needs legal support or legal help. Given below are a list of those legal service clinics and other important links for Veterans legal help –

  1. – The mission of the Veterans Legal Services is to promote stability, self-sufficiency and financial security to the low-income or homeless veterans through easy, accessible and free legal services.
  2. – This is an elaborate document that can help veterans with their claim of tax refunds related to severance pay that was withheld by the military.
  3. – Know more about the veterans’ benefits law over here. This will be useful for Veteran service officers, claims agent and attorneys.
  4. – The mission of the Legal Services Corporation is to promote equal access and high quality civil legal assistance to low-income people.
  5. – Support is just a click away; here you can get legal support and find great lawyers near you.
  6. – Here you can find a list of legal services clinics offered by the VA for free of cost.

Organizations for Veterans

Organizations for the Veterans are established and operates with the sole purpose of assisting and supporting the Veterans in all walks of their military phase and even after they are out of their uniforms.

There are more than 45k Non-profit organizations devoted to Veterans and their family members and are registered with the IRS.

But the hardest part is to judge the legitimacy of such organizations, you can’t waste your time and energy and money if you are not aware of how legitimate the companies are.

With so many exposed scams and corruption, it will be saddening to know that what is being donated doesn’t reach the right hand, to deal with such issues, we have tried our best and come up with some of the following trusted organizations that have devoted plenty of decades and provide quality service to Veterans –


Resources For Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans are those people who have served the country by working for the armed forces but are now homeless and living without any access to proper or appropriate accommodation or home.

It is noted that many such homeless veterans face post-traumatic stress disorders, extreme emotional trauma or injury. Some of the causes for homelessness include – mental illness, physical injury, substance abuse, family breakdown, joblessness, poverty, lack of low-cost housing, alcoholism; and government policies.

Again, it is also important to state that not all homeless veterans suffer from a substance or PTST abuses, but they may deal with various other equally important factors such as –

  • Becoming a Fall Guy because of fraudulent activities of acting officials
  • Scapegoating
  • Lack of means
  • Prejudice against military veterans
  • Other discrimination factors

Leaving all those factors aside, the legal communities owe these military veterans more than just gratitude. As a rule of law, the whole nation and the citizens rely on services and sacrifices made by the Veteran while he/she was in service. But these people are normally ignored and not provided the needed veteran resources when they become homeless.

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs – VA has surveyed this and provided stats depicting that most of the homeless veterans are predominantly males with females occupying only 9%. And most of the homeless veterans are younger approximately in-between 18 to 30 years of age.

Veterans require a coordinated effort wherein they can get a secured home, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, personal development and empowerment, nutritional meals, job training, job assessment, and placement assistance.

Here, our professional and dedicated team have compiled and come up with various resource links that can assist veterans in getting food, home, and shelter:

  1. – The NCHV is a leading association and platform that deals with homeless issues. The organization focusses solely on putting an end to the veteran’s homelessness. They provide the needed resource and technical assistance and connect the veterans with community-based service providers.
  2. – Working in collaboration with VA, the NHPCO invites hospices and hospice-veterans to a variety of pioneering programs. They provide veterans with various educational tools and resources to advance and gain an improved lifestyle.
  3. – The HUD commits itself to leadership, coordination, and collaboration among programs serving homeless veterans so that they can gain rapid access to secured homes or permanent housing services. The page deals with the homeless veteran’s issues and provides them direct important links to various partnered resources, policies, guidance and strategies.
  4. – The National Alliance to End Homelessness is an effort made to act as a voice and deal with issues on homeless veterans. It helps to build effective strategies to put an end to homelessness among veterans.

Healthcare Resources for Women

A Women Veteran cared for your country, and hence we must take care of the Women’s Veteran and her health and medical benefits. Many insurance agencies and Medicare Programs have come up with tremendous effective healthcare programs, but it still leaves up more than half of the older adults with unpaid healthcare costs. The women veterans end up paying a hefty amount as these programs don’t cover many services and supplies.

For eligible Women Veterans, the medical benefits available through many online resources can be the best way to meet these unpaid expenses. When you choose a VA healthcare over Medicare coverage, there are high chances to cover and avail many benefits that are normally not provided by Medicare.

Women Veterans and their dependents are eligible for VA programs; however, the final eligibility is grounded on various factors depending on the program selected. The following links compiled below are some best resources that provide Women Veterans access to some valuable healthcare resources –

  1. – Lifeline for Vets is an outstanding from the vet to the vet assistance platform. Their main objective is to serve the crisis management, information and referral need for all US Veterans and their dependents through public awareness programs, outreach services, and vet-to-vet helpline and toll-free management and operations.
  2. – You can use this platform to cover up your regular check-ups with specialists and access various healthcare services like home health or geriatric care, and also manage various medical benefits that you would have earned.
  3. – With this link, you can gain access and manage your VA benefits and healthcare and also gather information about various other services like – service member benefits, family member benefits, burials and memorials, housing assistance and so on.
  4.  My Healthy Vet platform offers veterans tips and tools on how to use healthcare services and helps in managing your health. Here you can find many valuable resources and other support tools that can help you in making an informed decision.

U.S State Veterans Affairs Offices

Veterans can have easy access and manage all their VA benefits and healthcare-related issues from the given list of Veteran Affairs Office. Select from below your state or territory and reach the relevant Veteran Affairs office directly –

  1. Alaska
  2. Arkansas
  3. Arizona
  4. District of Columbia
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Guam
  8. Hawaii
  9. Idaho
  10. Indiana
  11. Illinois
  12. Iowa
  13. Kansas
  14. Kentucky
  15. Maine
  16. Maryland
  17. Michigan
  18. Minnesota
  19. Missouri
  20. Nebraska
  21. Nevada
  22. New Jersey
  23. New Mexico
  24. New York
  25. North Carolina
  26. North Dakota
  27. Oklahoma
  28. Oregon
  29. Pennsylvania
  30. Rhode Island
  31. South Dakota
  32. Virginia
  33. Washington
  34. West Virginia
  35. Wisconsin
  36. Wyoming

Digital Resources

  • App for Veterans

With the specially designed Veteran App, you can access and manage plenty of things using one single platform. The Department of Veteran Affairs has initiated and developed the VA app that helps you in managing healthcare, education and many more. Download the app from the following site and gain access to plenty of services and features –

There are several VA forms each pertaining to one or other services or areas of service. And it is highly challenging and time-consuming to run from one place to another in search of these forms, fill them and then send them to the respective department.

To make this process simple and easy for the Veterans, we have searched the internet and come up with the following resource sites that can help you in easy navigation. You can get your relevant VA form, fill them and download them.

  1. – Use this weblink to request for a certificate of Veteran status.
  2. – The GSA library provides all relevant forms that are in an easily downloadable format.
  3. – This is a direct and official DoD website for DoD forms.
  4. – Make all necessary updates, manage health benefits, transfer education benefits, view your health care coverage and more from this link.
  5. – Check your life insurance coverage or transfer to other coverages using this weblink.
  6. – On this site, you can gain access to some of the most commonly used and needed VA forms.

VA News Resources

So, you want some Fresh and hot Veteran News! Where can you get them? Where do you find the real truth, real facts, and real information? The majority of them would look into the new era of the Internet.

But again, you can’t trust all the sites and services as they may be flooded with fake news stories and hoaxes. Many Veterans appear worried and confused as they are not able to reach the right source of information.

Here’s good news for all those veterans and for those who are interested in Veteran’s news – We have researched, analyzed and listed below a set of resources that can provide you the latest Veteran news, and stories –


Books for Veterans

It is true that due to the advent of internet technology, you may get all the books and information online, but sometimes it is always a good idea to have a book in hand mainly for your transition needs.

While some people prefer the internet to get information, many of them feel it easy and comfortable to have a book as a source of handy information. Keeping that in mind, our research team has compiled and listed below some of the best books that can be very useful for the veterans. You can also find the direct link to buy these books and read the blogs and feedback of other experienced Veteran readers over here, and we hope that these will be useful for all of those who are embarking their journey into the civilian world –

Infographics & Video Resources

The largest idea trend is Big Data. But the biggest question is how to figure out the best technique to interpret them.

If you are a Veteran or working towards serving the Veteran community, then you should stay updated with the latest information and statistics. Many resources have come up with the idea of providing the wealth of information at your fingertips simply and effectively. They present all Veteran – related information in an engaging and informative way- in the form of Infographics.

Infographics are a graphic and visual representation of big data that is presented to convey complex information clearly and quickly to the readers. The following are some best sites for getting such data as Infographics –


Video Resources –  

Eyes catch matter faster than ears, now get all latest information, data, statistics, and assistance by browsing the following video resources specially designed for the Veterans –

  1. Veterans – Heroes in our Neighborhood
  2. Veterans Voices | Listening is Honoring
  3. Honoring Veterans
  4. VeteransDay: Thank You for Everything
  5. Veterans Day Tribute
  6. U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Social Media Sites for Veterans

Social Media is a great blessing mainly for Veterans and military families. Distance is no more an issue, as social media connects the deployed troops with their loved ones. Thanks to various social media platforms like Facebook, IM, and Skype for making life much easier and less complicated.

Social Media is also of great help to Veterans once they are out of their uniforms. Several sites are launched during the past few decades geared towards helping veterans connect with several things such as mental health services, fellow veterans, and employment resources. Check the following popular social media tools –


For Social Media groups, check these –

  1. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  2. Veterans Outreach Group
  3. VAntage

Resumes ahead of the Curve

Now that you are done with your Military service, you can be ready to take up another battle – Transition to the Civilian Life, and the most crucial thing over here is “how to transform your Military portfolio into a Civilian one”.

Many companies prefer to hire Veterans as they consider your military experience as an asset for them. Your skills, dedication, leadership traits, positive work ethic, and teamwork can be used to market for a Civilian Job.

However, you should be aware of and understand how best you can highlight these attributes on the resume so that it can best fit the position you are applying for.

They say a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step and this is very much applicable for a job search, and the first step in this process begins with an effective resume writing.

To get these jobs, your resume needs to stand out amid the outstanding.

Why us then!

There are innumerable sites that offer resume examples online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing Veteran job trends and which can help you search for the perfect job.

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every veteran job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

Over here you can find professional Law Enforcement, Military & Security resume samples tailored to suit every need of the job seekers –

Handpicked Law Enforcement Military & Security Resume Samples


Our Expert-approved Architect resume templates will help you get more callbacks.

Easy to Use

100+ reviewed job titles with over 1000+ resume samples to choose from.


Include the right skills and buzzwords to help pass through Automated Resume Tracking systems.

Fresh Ideas

We show you the best 10 resume samples by job title so that you can find the perfect words for your resume. Get inspired!

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