Law Enforcement, Military & Security Resume Samples

Law Enforcement Military & Security

The majority of the Law Enforcement, Military, and Security jobs are for government positions at the state and federal levels and hence the students interested in Public Service can consider making a career in this field. The main five armed services of the Military include – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The first four sectors are a division of the Department of Defense and a graduate education is commonly required for the officer cadres.

The Law Enforcement in general includes – the state and local police departments, Department of corrections, wildlife and Fisheries enforcement and College and University Police. To apply and make a career in this line, students have to undergo rigorous training courses. And, the Security service is composed of – Customs and Border Protection, Coast Guards, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Secret Service and Transportation security administration.

Most of the job titles under this head require on-the-job training and some of the careers may require postsecondary education. The qualifications can vary anywhere from a high school diploma to specialized education and training from an appropriate academy. State and Correctional agencies need the officers to hold a college credit or military experience, while federal prisons want their correctional officers to have a degree in Criminal Justice.

Our job page gives an elaborate list of various job titles including – fire inspector, investigator, police officer, court reporters, correctional officers and more. The site also provides information about the job description, cover letters, sample resumes and careers outside Government occupations.

Law Enforcement Military & Security - Job Titles